Music is magic!

Music is the sweet, sweet sound of life!  Well, at least that’s what Jem and the Holograms told me when I was 8.  And you know what, they were right.  Music is pretty magical.  It makes you happy when you’re sad, gets you pumped before a big game or a workout, makes you think of a loved one, it’s so many things.  But why is that?  What is it about certain types of music or songs that give us that lift, makes us want to dance like crazy or even make us mad with biting rage?

I find myself in a minority among the people I know and love in the sense that I like all music.  Yes, all of it.  I know some people who say that, but then they hear a country tune, rap, or classical and be all ‘eww, what the heck is this crap’. I genuinely do have a love for all things musical.  I have multiple different artists, bands, genres on my ipod.  From Tupac to Korn to Beethoven to Jodeci to Martina McBride. Hell, I’ve got the entire Star Wars original trilogy soundtrack and a bunch of anime and gaming music.  I feed on all of it.  And though I am one of the rarities in my circle, I find that I’m not the only one in the world who is open equally to all types of music and genre.

So hence the purpose of this blog.  I want to find those other people.  People who are open to music in all its forms.  I want to let people know that we are out here and that it’s ok to love more than one type or genre.  And if I can convert, educate or open a someones mind to something new, then that would also be fantastic.

So there it is.  Twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’ll post on whatever random topic comes to my head or get something off my chest and link it musically and hope that I can do some good or just entertain myself and possibly someone else too.


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