So this is my last post of 2011.  You know what that means…New Years resolutions.  Uh, no.  I don’t do those.  I am going to take this time to reflect on what I’ve learned during the course of writing this blog.  One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that I actually don’t have the attention span of a fruit fly.  I had given myself a window of time to do this and if I didn’t remain interested by that time, then I’d quit.  But I am very interested in blogging.  I enjoy it.  It’s one of the rare times I get to truly express myself and say what I need to say.

I’ve learned that I have a lot of work to do if I want to be better at this.  It’s hard seeing as I type things the way I would actually say them if you were in front of me.  Though it may be a taboo, I like that.  It feels personal to me, because it is.  But I will have to find better ways of doing it if I actually want people to read it.  And people do, which I am really, really happy about.  What’s a blog without people reading it?  A journal and I have one that is locked so that only I can see it.  Since that’s not what I want here, I want to take this time to thank the readers that I have.  I’m glad I’m doing something that I hope entertains you for 2 minutes of your day twice a week.

I won’t be doing the link thing any more.  To me that really sucks because that was a biggest part of getting my point across by making it easier for my viewers to listen to the music.  But with all this crap about copywrite and SOPA, PIPA and the like trying to pass laws and whatnot, I don’t need to have the threat of lawsuits and jail over my head.  You may take this time to thank the sniveling, whining rich moguls, who are apparently not rich enough that they need to shake us down for every red cent.

That’s about all I’ve got.  I’ve been sick since Christmas Day and haven’t had a lot of energy, but I wanted to get this off my chest because people have had questions about things, mostly the link thing so I wanted to explain that.  But seriously again I want to thank you, my readers, for putting up with me and my wackiness.  It’s no fun being wacky alone.  I hope you continue reading and I promise I’ll get better as I go along.  I’m still kind of new to this.

Have a safe and Happy New Year.


The perfect New Years song

Well, Christmas is over.  I have given honor to the Lord, my God.  The presents have been unwrapped.  Massive amounts of food have been consumed.  The welcomed chaos of family and friend overload.  I did indeed spend my Christmas Eve at the zoo as I stated and no, there was no hippo to be found.  But that little disappointment aside, I had a very lovely day.  And now I need a recharge.

While I do that let’s also take this time to think about the future.  The new year is right around the corner with it’s promise of better times, bountiful opportunities and essential life experiences.  So with this in mind I turn my thoughts to my musical exploits.  I have got so many artists to experience.  And I’m not including things that aren’t currently on my radar at the moment.  Yet the list is still massive.

Right now I was thinking about songs to ring in the new year with.  Me being an late ’70s baby, the quintessential song is Princes “1999”.  This has been my go to ring in the new year tune even after the year 1999 came and went.  The concept of living every second of your life like it will be your last should inspire you to never hesitate to do the things you want to do.  Live your life as you choose and win, lose or draw don’t apologize for it.  Learn and keep it moving.  As awesome as I still find this tune, I’m thinking it’s time for me to get a new one.  I’ve kicked around some ideas in my head, so let’s get into them.

One song that I’ve considered is Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance”.  This song appeals to me a lot.  It speaks about living life to the absolute fullest, no matter where you are in your life.  Don’t get complacent, don’t get satisfied, don’t get comfortable.  Always reach for something more.  Learn more.  Do more.  Live more.  That line “Time is a wheel in constant motion always goading us along. Tell me who wants to look back on their years and wonder where those years have gone.”  That is the most powerful line in the song to me because it is exactly right.  Time isn’t going to wait for you to do what you need to do.  So get out there and get it done.  Then move on to the next goal.  Have something to talk about before you hit your next life.

We come to my surprising girl crush Jill Scott.  I love this woman.  I really do.  And I love her song “Golden”.  I consider this song because it reflects a change of mindset within me.  It hasn’t been beneficial to live my life in the shadows.  Being ok to just follow along and just being comfortable with the way things are.  It’s not ok to be ok with letting things happen to you instead of making things happen.  I want to be the person that makes things happen.  I want to walk with the dignity of a proud black woman.  To be able to go after the things that make me happy and actually get them.  I love the moon, but I want to be able to walk in the sun too.

HAHA!  Here is my curve ball and you all should have seen it coming cause I love throwing these out there.  Jamiroquai’s “Virtual Insanity”  This song in hindsight was actually pretty prophetic for when it came out.  We live in a technological world.  Unless you live out in the far off jungles or in the plains you can’t really escape it.  And probably not even there, but to lesser extent.  Whenever I hear this song, I used to think of “The Terminator” and the whole possibilities of things like Skynet taking over the world.  Now I think of “The Matrix”.  It’s actually a pretty scary ass thought for the future, but with the way technology constantly moving at the speed that it does, the possibilities could quite possibly exist some day.  Remember we’re human and kind stupid at times.  It’s not so hard for me to imagine that we will create our own destruction.  Food for thought next time you debate getting one of those robot vacuum cleaners.

What are some of your recommendations for a New Years song?  I am really curious to know.  I have other ideas, but I honestly don’t have all day.  I’d love to see what songs I’ve overlooked entirely, as you have seen I can get pretty out there, so maybe someone has an even stranger idea than I do.

See ya Thursday!

The Christmas Hippo Cometh

‘I want a hippopotamus for Christmas. Only a hippopotamus will do.  Don’t want a doll, some dinky Tinker toy.  I want a hippopotamus to play with and enjoy.  I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.  I don’t think Santa Claus will mind do you.  He won’t have to use a dirty chimney flue, just bring in through the front door that’s the easiest thing to do.  I can see me now on Christmas morning creeping down the stairs.  Oh what joy and what surprise when I open up my eyes to see a hippo hero standing there.  I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.  Only a hippopotamus will do.  No crocodiles or rhinoserous’s.  I only like hippopotamus’s and hippopotamus’s like me too!’

You wouldn’t think that a song about getting a dangerous animal for Christmas would be as timeless and cherished as “Oh Holy Night” or “White Christmas”.  But “I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas” is indeed timeless and classic.  Like the “You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch” I demand this song be played just as much as all the other Christmas tunes.  It’s awesome.  For those of you who think it’s irritating, fine.  I love it and I’ll blast it, so suck it.

Anyhow, for the longest time I thought that this was a fairly new song as the first time I heard it was at a department store I worked at in early 2000.  But nope it was first sung by a girl named Gayla Peevey back in the ’50s.  She was 10 then.  For a 10 year old, that’s a pretty strong and clear voice.  I had always thought that it was some adult trying to sound childlike.  So I was pretty impressed to learn that.

When I first heard it, it was so cooky and different, I liked it immediately.  And have so ever since.  It’s funny, when I am out and about and I hear it playing somewhere how some people will try to hide how into it they are.  I find it funny.  I always sing it when I hear it and I see people look at me funny, but they also smile.  I got guts!  Luckily I’ve found some people who I’ve captured and named them ‘friend’ who like the song just as much as I do.

I had planned to spend my day at Disney at some point for Christmas.  But I figure everyone else in the world is thinking the same thing.  I don’t want to spend my holiday waiting in lines.  So with this song as inspiration, I’ve decided to drive an hour out and hit up the zoo instead.  I’m pretty sure it won’t be as busy.  So like young Ms. Peevey here, I’ll get myself a hippo for Christmas.  If not the animal itself, then at least a really good picture of one.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday everybody!

Mr. GriiiInch

I LOVE ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’!  It is my favorite Christmas movie alongside ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’.  And I mean the animated version, NOT that horrific live action one. *shudder*  Why Jim Carey?  Never speak of that one to me, it makes me irritable.

This Christmas special kicks ass.  I have it on DVD and it doesn’t need to be Christmas time for me to watch it.  It has Boris Karloff narrating AND voicing the Grinch!  That alone is can chock full of awesome sauce.  But what does it for me is the voice of Tony the Tiger himself Thurl Ravenscroft singing the most iconic song ever.

“Your A Mean One Mr. Grinch” is one of the weirdest and greatest songs ever.  I wish that Dr. Seuss was still alive so I could pick his brains for the inspiration and the thought process behind the lyrics.  Really listen to the song.  Who else would think of putting the words together in the way that they did to create the imagery that it does?  Nobody!

You are suppose to dislike the Grinch.  You aren’t supposed to identify with him.  Yet I do.  He is so incredibly awesome, I’m almost jealous of him.  And the song is a huge part of that.  This character is supposed to be one of the most despicable and terrible entities ever and for some reason I just cannot dislike him and if you do, you’re disturbed in the head.  At least, that’s my opinion anyway.

My favorite line is the ‘you have termites in your smile’ part.  I start bursting into hysterical fits of laughter every time I hear it.  Because I can picture it.  I really can.  And as disgusting of an image it is, it amuses the heck out of me.  Though I find him stealing the food out of the refrigerators just as amusing, but whatever.

He didn’t hate Christmas per say, it’s what happened during that time that made him so cranky.  Kids running around yelling and screaming, people spontaneously bursting into song, festive dining, the toys.  Who wouldn’t be cranky having to listen to all that noise?  Especially if that carries ALL the way up to the top of a mountain when the sound is at the bottom.  I can identify being annoyed with that.  Yet instead of going through all that trouble to rob an entire village in the middle of a cold winter night with no pants, just have the law slap them with a noise ordinance.  Infinitely less work and just as effective.

Santa Baby!

Eartha Kitt!  I will forever love you for singing this song.  As despicably materialistic and goldigging that it is, I still think that the song “Santa Baby” is balls to the wall awesome.

This is the Santa Claus I want to appeal to.  This one shops on Rodeo Dr. and Park Ave. and possibly has his own parking space at Neiman Marcus.  As a big girl, this Santa is more suited to providing things I’m interested in.  And since it’s all stuff I can’t afford I feel no shame in asking him for these things.  Let’s see about the stuff she’s asking for, shall we.

I did not know until researching for this blog post what she was asking for when she asked for a sable.  For years, I just sang the song and would be fine with being in the dark about what the heck a sable was.  Turns out she was asking for furs.  And I’m pretty sure I wasn’t alone in this so here I am passing my education along to you.

She asked him for a 1954 light blue convertible.  If he’s got any extras and they still run, I’ll take one.  If it’s a Chevy Corvette that would be awesome!  Or if not, an Aston  Martin DB5 !  Oh!! A yacht?  Hmm, sure, why not.  If it’s the size of a Carribean Cruise ship that will allow me to bring everyone that I’ve ever met in my lifetime on a boat ride with me, that would be pretty darn sweet.

Let’s see, OH!  He’s got access to raw mineral mines.  I’ll gladly get in on those.  Not sure what the status of platinum is, but the jewelry business is still good so there must be value in it.  The price of gold is going up, so if you got deeds to gold mines I’ll gladly take them off your hands, big fella.  If diamond mines are available, I’ll take two!

Also requested was a stocking filled with checks that are signed and ready to go.  Either I need to get more creative and specific when I ask for things, or I need to start hanging out with people who know how to shop.  She also asked for a duplex.  These days the value of houses isn’t doing very well.  And I being a timid and cautious creature who lives alone, I prefer something a bit smaller.  I need to be able to hear everything going on in my place.  However, I’m a smart cookie, I ain’t turning down no house no matter how big.

A Christmas tree…decked out in Tiffany ornaments.  While I’m sure that would be pretty, for a person like me it ain’t practical.  The Christmas trees never stay up that long and I’d have to store all that stuff in a bank safe once the holidays were over and that’s just too much darn work. So I’ll stick with my cheap glass and plastic holiday decor.  I can throw all that in the back shed.  Thanks though!

And lastly she asks for a ring, not the kind from the phone.  Preferably one with about 30 carats of canary yellow diamonds accompanied by a waived prenuptial agreement.  I’m not feeling this one.  A. I’m not the marrying kind.  B. I’m not that much of a jewelry lover.  C. I hear the gifts stop coming after the wedding, so why give all this up?  Kidding about C.

Wow!  This chick had balls of steel to ask for all this stuff.  And a black woman back in the 1950s no less.  That’s awesome.  I wish I had a 10% of her gumption, or access to dudes loaded enough to afford this list.  I lovingly call this a ‘Giftmas'(word coined by a lady we’ll call Neth) song.  Has nothing to do with the spirit of Christmas and all about the spirit of gifts.  Nothing wrong with that once you put it in perspective.

A quick side note.

I’ve censored the following, in protest of a bill that gives any corporation and the US government the power to censor the internet–a bill that could pass THIS WEEK. To see the uncensored text, and to stop internet censorship, visit:

I ██████ ████ to ████ you. I ████ to ████. I ████ to ████ a lot. ██████████ you ██████ don’t ████ ███████ ████ I ████ to say. You █████ ████ ████ ████ so ███████ of ███████ ████ ██████.

Uncensor This

A pretty disturbing Christmas Song or is it?

It’s funny that at times you listen to songs you’ve heard over and over again and for some reason you finally pay attention to the lyrics and go ‘what the hell?!’.  Well, Christmas time has gifted me with such a song.  I dedicate this post to my good friend, my sister in all things geek, fellow snarker supreme and just all around awesome, Caela_rue.  Happy Birthday!!

If it hadn’t been for  her revelation about an argument over a particular song that plays every Christmas, I would still totally not have even thought about the implications of what this particular song is speaking about…allegedly.

The song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” has been the subject of hot debate between my good buddy and her roommate.  See she is adamant that the song is an obvious situation of potential date rape.  The roommate of course does not subscribe to this thought process.

The song basically is centered around a woman trying to leave some guy and go home and he is doing everything in his power to get her to stay with him.  Sounds like a normal date and a normal dude.  The argument seems to have some weight to it once this part pops up

The neighbors might think – Baby, it’s bad out there
Say, what’s in this drink – No cabs to be had out there

The first time I REALLY listened to this song after hearing about the debate, I admit I had to give this line the serious side-eye.  Really, ‘what’s in this drink?’  How do you put yourself in a situation where you have to ask such a question?  A.  You are trying to leave.  B.  Never take your eyes off the person making your drink.  C. Obviously you don’t trust this person, otherwise the question wouldn’t have occurred to you.

My question tends to lean towards how did she get there?  She obviously didn’t drive.  Why doesn’t he just take her home?  I realize this song was written in the dark ages where women had no souls and therefore had no rights…wait, no, that’s something else.  She lived in a time period where it was extremely improper and frowned upon for a girl to be out late with a man.  People latched on to this type of thing and gossiped like crazy.  Which I see she is trying to avoid, but it’s a bit late to be concerned with that, so have the dude roll you to the house and take your lumps.  That’s my take.

As for old boy, I see him as a typical dude.  He had a fun time with pretty girl and doesn’t want the night to end.  He knows she had fun too and as long as he can convince her there is more fun to be had he’s gonna try everything in the arsenal.  I don’t think he meant any kind of serious harm.

I’ve been in this situation before.  Sometimes the art of persuasion works and sometimes it don’t.  In the context of this song I guess it kinda did.  But for my good buddy, she has her beliefs and God knows I’m not gonna change her mind on it for anything in the world.  It’s too darn entertaining of a debate.  And I do understand where she’s coming from and I admit that it’s weird.  The real issue is why is this even a Christmas song?  That, my friends, is another debate entirely.