Call me maybe, never

Hey, I just heard you.  And this is crazy.  This song is silly.  Leave my head quickly.  Oh my God, people.  It has been the most annoying couple of days.  All because of that song “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen.  I mean, I have been singing it for the past two days.  Nonstop.  And it is driving me absolutely bonkers.

Here’s the thing.  I have a radio station that is set at my job.  I don’t know what it is cause it’s set by my company.  But it pretty much is like techno versions of songs.  Some I recognize, some I didn’t.  This song is one of the ones I constantly heard but didn’t know what it was or who it was.  And this particular techno version is really cool.

So I would sing along with the parts that I could hear and understand and when the song was over I forgot about it completely.  So I’m driving home and I hear the actual recording of it.  It is WAY different.  Admittedly I like the music for the regular song.  What with the violins and all.  My issue comes from the lyrics.

I get home and I look up the song on Vevo to give it a good listen.  What I heard kind of didn’t make sense, so I looked up the lyrics.  Which made me feel both better and worse.  Better because I can hear properly that the song made no sense and horrified because the song makes NO sense.

First of all, it sounds kind of stalkerish to me.  If I was a guy and a girl said this to me I’d have to give her the side eye.  There is such a thing as too eager.  Secondly, we don’t live in a world where it’s safe to give our numbers out to strange people.  For me personally no one has my personal phone number unless they are family and friends.  Everyone else gets the email treatment.  Get through that and maybe I may think of giving that number out.  Lastly this line ‘Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad’.  Um, what?

No seriously, what is that?  That is not a thing that someone says.  Why?  Because it doesn’t make sense.  How do you miss someone before you meet them?  How do you miss anything that you’ve never experienced?  That’s like me saying I miss France just because I have a french name, despite the fact that I’m American and have never been to France.  How is that line endearing?  How is it that it is the most memorable and catchiest part of the song?

The greatest question of all is why is this song stuck in my head.  I’ve heard multiple songs since then and yet I keep going back to it.  What’s worse is that I’m spreading the insanity and getting it stuck in other peoples heads.  It’s crazy.  I’m sorry to those people too.  I need to purge this from my mind.  But it’s powerful in its catchy nonsensical way.  Help me!!

The one year twitch

Holy mackerel!! Today is a historic day for me.  Specifically this blog.  I have as of this day worked on this blog for an entire year.  With the exception of a few days, four to be precise, I’ve consistently written posts twice a week.  For me this is important.  I’ve proven to myself that I can set a goal and follow through on it.  I’ve proven that I can exercise discipline when I have to cause there have been many days where I just did not want to write anything.  And I’ve proven that I can write what I want to write and stay true to myself.  No catering to anyone elses thoughts or opinons.  Just me and my vision.  I’m proud of that.

Now the ultimate question comes to pass.  What am I gonna do now?  As it is, my life has gotten super busy.  Busier than I ever imagined my life could be.  I’m on the path to becoming a pastry chef, a business owner and possibly a relationship.  Do I have room in my life to sit here twice a week and write my musically inclined thoughts?  Do I still want to?

I honestly can say that I do want to, but time is going to be an issue.  What happens when my business starts?  What if I do get the opportunity to travel and perfect my craft?  So many questions.  But I’m going to be optimistic for the time being and soldier on.  When life happens it’s all I can do anyway.  We’ll see what happens.

Happy one year to me and I’ll keep going for as long as I can.  And a big thanks to people who actually read my jumbled, insane ramblings.  Whether something I said made you smile, laugh, or go WTF, I’m glad for all those reactions.  Means I’m reaching some of you in my own small way.  Thanks for watching.

How DO I know?

So it’s finally happened. I freaking have a thing for this guy I know.  It’s kind of cool and kind of annoying.  Guys make everything so complicated.  At least that’s been my historical experience.  It’s to the point where he invades my thoughts at the most inappropriate moments.  I see him in my dreams.  But I won’t get into those.

And in typical cliche fashion I find myself wondering how he feels about the whole thing.  I’m not naive enough to discount that my body is where a good chunk of his interest is centered.  It’s one of those things to be expected.  We both have the most warped sense of humor and we like a lot of the same things.  He’s a total alpha male and I’m pretty headstrong.  We’re both pretty health conscious.  We follow the same religion, yet we clash on politics.  All in all, we’re pretty good together.

So I turned to Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know” to voice my thoughts on the situation.  The song perfectly reflects who I feel and the questions I’m dying to ask, but smart enough not to at this time.  I wanna know if he thinks about me as much as I do him, but then again I don’t.  I wanna know if this will work.  I wanna know if I’ll ever have a clear head when relationships are involved.

I’m still no closer to figuring it out and Whitney isn’t telling me anything.  All she’s left me with is an awesome song with a video that’s very colorful and seizure inducing with 80’s hair and her non dancing self.  God I love it. Such nostalgia.  It’d be perfect if it answered the question that it’s asking and save me some grief.


So I kept hearing this song on the radio and for whatever reason thought it was Kelly Clarkson singing it.  All I knew was a couple of lines from it and that it sounded like her.  So imagine my level of annoyance when I get home to check Youtube to hear it and not finding it.  I’ve heard a lot of Clarkson’s music, but not all.  So it was easy enough to filter out what I was looking for.  So when I didn’t find it I was perplexed.

This perplexing predicament lasted a while until I finally found out the title of the song.  Turns out it was Natasha Bedingfield’s song “Unwritten”.  And no, she and Kelly Clarkson sound absolutely nothing alike.  I have no idea what I was thinking.  Well, yes I do.  It seems like the kind of song that Ms. Clarkson would sing.  But whatever.  I was wrong, but now I have my song.

It’s another one of those uplifting tunes that speaks to me.  Like some other songs I’ve written about talking about living life to the fullest.  I especially love the line where she says ‘Drench yourself in words unspoken’.  I find this profound.  What does that mean? I honestly would like to know.  Seriously.  I don’t have my own interpretation of the line.  And it fascinates me.

And it comes to me at a great time.  With the week I’ve had, my confidence has gotten a little shaken.  I hate when that happens.  Everything always goes downhill from there.  I intend to not let that happen this time.  My future is at stake.  I gotta learn to take the bad, the horrible, the awful as well as the good the great and the terrific.  All those are necessary to make me into the person I am meant to be.

Whether these situations I’ve been through will make me a better person or not remains to be seen.  Everything that I’m doing right now is helping determine my tomorrow in some form or another.  I guess that is the beauty of not being able to see the future.  The not knowing.  The possibility that I will indeed be greater and do greater things.  So let’s see how tomorrow plays out.

Calming, angry music

Today was in effect, not a great one.  Not by any stretch of the imagination.  It must be something going around because several people in my circle have had a pretty off day.  All in various different regions of suck.  I guess it’s gotta hit us all on occasion to remind us we’re still alive I guess.

Can’t speak on their issues.  I didn’t ask and I don’t know beyond what was hinted.  Myself on the other hand had one of THOSE days.  Where everything is just wrong from the minute I woke up.  But they were little things.  The complicated stuff happened when other people got involved.  Which lead to a situation where I had to mentally disconnect from everyone around me, lest I bit their face off.  Something I’m not used to.  I’m used to letting it be known when I’m not happy.  But I’m attempting to live and act in accordance to the fact that life doesn’t revolve around me or my feelings.

So I kept a tight leash on myself all the way until I got home, put on my skullies(Skull Candy headphones) and jammed out to Evanescence and Nightwish for most of the afternoon.  Until a friend of the aforementioned people put up a song on Facebook that actually made me kind of relieved.  It’s a group called Cannibal Corpse and the song was “They Deserve to Die”.

This is a group I’ve never seen or heard of, but by golly I’m glad I heard them today.  I listened to the song and it was a beautiful barrage of headbanging, hard guitar playing, garbled singing/rapping/whatever you call it going on.  The only words during the entire song is when the singer screeched out ‘They deserve to die’.  Which appeased me greatly because my anger seeped out as I listened to it.

I’ll be looking more into them because of what I can understand of the song I like.  The music is incredible and I may have found a group to ease my anger.  That guitar was furious and that bass was hardcore.  Just what I needed to hear.  And while of course I don’t wish death upon anyone, no matter how mad they make me, this song helped me not take my temper out on anyone.

So now I’ve got a song for when I’m feeling depressed.  For when I’m happy.  For when I’m in the mood.  And now for one when I’m really really pissed off.

National pride

So, yesterday was 4th of July.  Independence Day for us in the US.  A good time to get together with friends and loved ones, have a massive barbeque spread, celebrate our countries independence and watch the fireworks.  At least 3 of those are done with anticipation.  Sad to say.

I turned on my computer yesterday morning and the first song I heard when I went to Youtube was rendition of “Stars and Stripes Forever” by the Boston Pops Orchestra.  It’s a piece that I used to hear all the time growing up, but not so much now.  So I was excited to hear it.  It’s about as American as our National Anthem.

Speaking of which, the Olympics are coming up soon.  I’m super excited about it, even though I may not get to watch it, what with me not having a tv and all.  As usual I’m looking forward to Track and Field, basketball, gymnastics and the equestrian event.  People always find it weird that I like watching the equestrian event.  Like all the others, it’s fascinating to watch.

I can’t wait for my countrymen to bring home the gold.  I always love seeing the ceremony when the gold is placed around the neck of the competitor and the National Anthem plays.  Sure I don’t know those people, but when they win, I still feel that sense of pride.  That in an event in which hundreds participate only few reach the top and there is only one gold medal.  And when my country comes out on top I get so excited.

Last time I watched the Olympics I remember hearing the French National Anthem for the first time.  They have a beautiful national anthem.  I’m positive they know this and are damn proud of it.  As they should be.  I’m gonna take the time this time around to really listen for the National Anthems of other countries just to hear them.  I see that the people in other countries feel that same sense of pride hearing their song as I do when I hear mine.  So even though we don’t share a song, or a country, we all feel the same kind of pride for our countries.  And that is a beautiful thing.

TV Time: The themes of Andy Griffith

As we have all heard by now Andy Griffith has passed away today.  Andy Griffith has been on my tv my entire life.  He was a fantastic and charismatic actor.  I don’t know what it was about him, but he seemed to embody all that was good and real and human.  I liked him almost as much as my mom, who also grew up with him.

It’s because of mom I discovered him in the first place because of the Andy Griffith show.  Now as a kid who was used to color tv, watching a black and white show was something I really rebelled against.  But when I heard that simply whistled theme and saw Andy and Opie walking down the path, I was enthralled.  That theme is iconic.  I defy anyone to start whistling that tune and no one not get where it came from.

It’s funny how even as a little kid I got taken in by the simplicity and wholesomeness of the show. And it was hilarious.  Everything about this show despite not having much in the way of technology back then was done right.  Which proves to me that over the top effects and things are completely unnecessary when making a great show.  Even now I still consider it one of the greatest shows of all time.

And then came Matlock.  I loved this show more than anything in the world as a kid.  I always watched it with my dad and it intensified my enthusiasm for crime dramas and mysteries.  Keep in mind in the 80’s I was just a kid under 10.  So watching Andy Griffith Show and then watching Matlock confused the heck out of me.  I was having a hard time accepting that Andy Griffith managed to age overnight.

That aside, I loved Matlock, especially when the courtroom parts came up.  It was like Perry Mason, which I also liked.  He also reminded me someone of Columbo with the way he got information out of people.  People always seemed to think he was a feeble old man and be shocked to find there was a fully functioning and sharp mind under that grey hair.  Every episode I’d always say to the people on tv ‘You REALLY thought you were gonna get away from Ben Matlock?’  Matlock was so boss.

I’m listening to the theme music right now.  It just fills me with such joy and I always loved the use of the tuba.  It’s my favorite part of the music.  It’s an epic tune that makes me think of Andy Griffith even more than the Andy Griffith Show.

But dang it, we lost another good one.  I kind of felt it was fast approaching.  I saw the interview they did with him when Don Knotts died.  I saw his face and it was like a part of him had died along with Don.  They had more than a friendship.  It was more like family.  They were brothers for real and you could see it.  Now they are both with Our Father and now they can bring the laughs again in Heaven.  RIP Andy Griffith.  You entertained me my entire life and I’ll never forget you.

Legally Blonde the musical? Really?

It has come to my attention that a musical based on the movie “Legally Blonde” is in existence.  “Legally Blonde” is a fantastic movie.  It’s one of my favorite sleeper hits.  But a musical based on it.  I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around that one.  The only thing I could come up with to say upon hearing this is ‘why’ and ‘really’?

I haven’t seen it so I’m in no way judging it because that would be stupid.  But it’s so hard trying to imagine how they took that premise and added music to it.  I’ve only seen the opening song,”‘Omigod You Guys”.  And I have to admit rather red-faced that I really liked it.  It was catchy, campy and cute.  It actually wrapped up the first 20 minutes of the movie quite nicely.

As much as I’ve been fighting it like mad, I’d like to see the rest of it.  I’d like to see how they took the premise of a girl going completely out of her element to an environment that she stereotypically doesn’t belong in, for a guy.  That’s not musical, that’s day time soap opera.  At least I’d like to say that, but the existence of “My Fair Lady” is out there to prove me wrong.

I’m not going to say it was a dreadful idea.  A musical of “Judge Dredd” would be a dreadful and tragic idea.  I just have a hard time trying to figure out why someone felt the need to do something like this.  I had no knowledge of it’s existence until now.  I don’t think it’s even being played anymore.  Did anyone see it?  Was there someone out there that wanted to see it?  These are questions that I demand answers to.

To turn back time or not?

I’m pretty sure that the cosmos are trying to get my attention.  Every day for the past 4 days whenever I got into my car the radio station I listen to would play Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time” as if they sensed my presents behind the wheel.  It’s a great song.  But I haven’t heard it in years.  I think the last time I heard it was around the time it was really big.

So having not heard it in that long of a time to hearing it for days in a row, I’m gonna take that as a sign that I need to talk about it in some way.  What would I do if I could turn back time.  What would I change?  How would that change affect me in the future or present rather if I did?  Would it matter?  Would I still be the same person?  Would I change anything at all?  So many questions to such a simple question.

It’s all rather thought provoking.  It’s something I’d rather not think of personally.  You know, NOT being able to turn back time and all.  All I can do is live in the present.  Take whatever I’ve learned in the past and try to make a better future for myself.

When this song came out I remember that I really liked it.  I didn’t comprehend it on an intellectual level of course.  To me it was just another cool song.  The other thing I remember is the music video.  And how I was sure I’d have nightmares for the rest of my days.  I mean, good gracious alive, what was she thinking?

Cher has always been an interesting looking person to me.  No not ugly at all, but not classically beautiful.  She has a unique, exotic look that no one else has been able to pull off.  Though in the defense of that, I don’t think anyone has tried.  But watching her strut around in that outfit was too much for my mind to bear.  On top of that what did that video have to do with the song?  It made absolutely no sense.

Whatever the reason, the video got just as much attention as the song did.  Which was probably the point at the end of the day.  There is no one on earth who hears that song and not have the visuals of that video pop into their mind like an invading alien probe.  I’ll give it to Cher though.  She has never lacked in guts.  And I’ll bet if she could turn back time, she probably wouldn’t change how that video went.  I admire that most about her.

That place called Kokomo

The song “Kokomo” by the Beach Boys takes me back to about 4th grade possibly 5th grade.  It was during this time that the song was really popular.  I was living in Florida at that time to.  So it felt kind of cool to have a song about a place that was so close to where I lived.  Until I found out that no such place existed.

Aside from the line of the song that listed all the different island, I had no idea what this song was about.  All I know is that because I hung out with a bunch of girls that loved the song, I was forced by association to learn the words.  I don’t even think back then we comprehended who the Beach Boys were no that I think on it.  But listening to it now and actually understand what’s going on in the song, gives me a new appreciation for it.

I don’t know if this makes any sense, but the song is so tropical feeling.  It’s just so relaxing.  You can see yourself on a beach somewhere, possibly in a hammock, drinking some fruit cocktail with an umbrella in it and taking in the ocean view.  That’s what this song does for me anyway.  If every state in the union had a theme song, this should be for Florida.  So what it’s fictional.  Mickey Mouse is fictional and he has an entire estate here.

Also gave me a new appreciation for the Beach Boys.  I think by the 80s they’d been around for like 20 years.  And from what I understand they are still kicking and recording.  I may write about them at some point.  Today, that little place called Kokomo is where I wanna go to get away from it all.