How DO I know?

So it’s finally happened. I freaking have a thing for this guy I know.  It’s kind of cool and kind of annoying.  Guys make everything so complicated.  At least that’s been my historical experience.  It’s to the point where he invades my thoughts at the most inappropriate moments.  I see him in my dreams.  But I won’t get into those.

And in typical cliche fashion I find myself wondering how he feels about the whole thing.  I’m not naive enough to discount that my body is where a good chunk of his interest is centered.  It’s one of those things to be expected.  We both have the most warped sense of humor and we like a lot of the same things.  He’s a total alpha male and I’m pretty headstrong.  We’re both pretty health conscious.  We follow the same religion, yet we clash on politics.  All in all, we’re pretty good together.

So I turned to Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know” to voice my thoughts on the situation.  The song perfectly reflects who I feel and the questions I’m dying to ask, but smart enough not to at this time.  I wanna know if he thinks about me as much as I do him, but then again I don’t.  I wanna know if this will work.  I wanna know if I’ll ever have a clear head when relationships are involved.

I’m still no closer to figuring it out and Whitney isn’t telling me anything.  All she’s left me with is an awesome song with a video that’s very colorful and seizure inducing with 80’s hair and her non dancing self.  God I love it. Such nostalgia.  It’d be perfect if it answered the question that it’s asking and save me some grief.


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