Calming, angry music

Today was in effect, not a great one.  Not by any stretch of the imagination.  It must be something going around because several people in my circle have had a pretty off day.  All in various different regions of suck.  I guess it’s gotta hit us all on occasion to remind us we’re still alive I guess.

Can’t speak on their issues.  I didn’t ask and I don’t know beyond what was hinted.  Myself on the other hand had one of THOSE days.  Where everything is just wrong from the minute I woke up.  But they were little things.  The complicated stuff happened when other people got involved.  Which lead to a situation where I had to mentally disconnect from everyone around me, lest I bit their face off.  Something I’m not used to.  I’m used to letting it be known when I’m not happy.  But I’m attempting to live and act in accordance to the fact that life doesn’t revolve around me or my feelings.

So I kept a tight leash on myself all the way until I got home, put on my skullies(Skull Candy headphones) and jammed out to Evanescence and Nightwish for most of the afternoon.  Until a friend of the aforementioned people put up a song on Facebook that actually made me kind of relieved.  It’s a group called Cannibal Corpse and the song was “They Deserve to Die”.

This is a group I’ve never seen or heard of, but by golly I’m glad I heard them today.  I listened to the song and it was a beautiful barrage of headbanging, hard guitar playing, garbled singing/rapping/whatever you call it going on.  The only words during the entire song is when the singer screeched out ‘They deserve to die’.  Which appeased me greatly because my anger seeped out as I listened to it.

I’ll be looking more into them because of what I can understand of the song I like.  The music is incredible and I may have found a group to ease my anger.  That guitar was furious and that bass was hardcore.  Just what I needed to hear.  And while of course I don’t wish death upon anyone, no matter how mad they make me, this song helped me not take my temper out on anyone.

So now I’ve got a song for when I’m feeling depressed.  For when I’m happy.  For when I’m in the mood.  And now for one when I’m really really pissed off.


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