National pride

So, yesterday was 4th of July.  Independence Day for us in the US.  A good time to get together with friends and loved ones, have a massive barbeque spread, celebrate our countries independence and watch the fireworks.  At least 3 of those are done with anticipation.  Sad to say.

I turned on my computer yesterday morning and the first song I heard when I went to Youtube was rendition of “Stars and Stripes Forever” by the Boston Pops Orchestra.  It’s a piece that I used to hear all the time growing up, but not so much now.  So I was excited to hear it.  It’s about as American as our National Anthem.

Speaking of which, the Olympics are coming up soon.  I’m super excited about it, even though I may not get to watch it, what with me not having a tv and all.  As usual I’m looking forward to Track and Field, basketball, gymnastics and the equestrian event.  People always find it weird that I like watching the equestrian event.  Like all the others, it’s fascinating to watch.

I can’t wait for my countrymen to bring home the gold.  I always love seeing the ceremony when the gold is placed around the neck of the competitor and the National Anthem plays.  Sure I don’t know those people, but when they win, I still feel that sense of pride.  That in an event in which hundreds participate only few reach the top and there is only one gold medal.  And when my country comes out on top I get so excited.

Last time I watched the Olympics I remember hearing the French National Anthem for the first time.  They have a beautiful national anthem.  I’m positive they know this and are damn proud of it.  As they should be.  I’m gonna take the time this time around to really listen for the National Anthems of other countries just to hear them.  I see that the people in other countries feel that same sense of pride hearing their song as I do when I hear mine.  So even though we don’t share a song, or a country, we all feel the same kind of pride for our countries.  And that is a beautiful thing.


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