To turn back time or not?

I’m pretty sure that the cosmos are trying to get my attention.  Every day for the past 4 days whenever I got into my car the radio station I listen to would play Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time” as if they sensed my presents behind the wheel.  It’s a great song.  But I haven’t heard it in years.  I think the last time I heard it was around the time it was really big.

So having not heard it in that long of a time to hearing it for days in a row, I’m gonna take that as a sign that I need to talk about it in some way.  What would I do if I could turn back time.  What would I change?  How would that change affect me in the future or present rather if I did?  Would it matter?  Would I still be the same person?  Would I change anything at all?  So many questions to such a simple question.

It’s all rather thought provoking.  It’s something I’d rather not think of personally.  You know, NOT being able to turn back time and all.  All I can do is live in the present.  Take whatever I’ve learned in the past and try to make a better future for myself.

When this song came out I remember that I really liked it.  I didn’t comprehend it on an intellectual level of course.  To me it was just another cool song.  The other thing I remember is the music video.  And how I was sure I’d have nightmares for the rest of my days.  I mean, good gracious alive, what was she thinking?

Cher has always been an interesting looking person to me.  No not ugly at all, but not classically beautiful.  She has a unique, exotic look that no one else has been able to pull off.  Though in the defense of that, I don’t think anyone has tried.  But watching her strut around in that outfit was too much for my mind to bear.  On top of that what did that video have to do with the song?  It made absolutely no sense.

Whatever the reason, the video got just as much attention as the song did.  Which was probably the point at the end of the day.  There is no one on earth who hears that song and not have the visuals of that video pop into their mind like an invading alien probe.  I’ll give it to Cher though.  She has never lacked in guts.  And I’ll bet if she could turn back time, she probably wouldn’t change how that video went.  I admire that most about her.


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