Game music rules!

How often have I express my love for video game music?  In my opinion, NOT ENOUGH!!!  It’s so happy and fun.  If you’ve actually played the game of the music you’re listening to it always gives you that feeling of nostalgia.  I love how I’ve come across so many people who appreciate the genre as much as I do.  Yes!  It is a genre of music.  I don’t care what anyone says.

Speaking of these other people, I’ve been going to Overclocked ReMix and have discovered people who love game music so much that it’s brought out their fantastic musical abilities.  These people have taken game music, gave it a feel all their own and made greatness.

I’ve been going to the site since the early 2000’s.  But I hadn’t really been listening to a lot of the music there.  Which I’m ashamed of myself for.  Like I said, the things that I’ve so far heard are nothing short of greatness.  But that was months ago.  I have been increasing my frequency at the site for the past couple of weeks.  There are some real gems there.

I’m not big into RPG games like Final Fantasy because I’m not into their gameplay mechanics.  However, the music to those games are freaking amazing.  It’s sad I won’t ever know where these musical pieces fall within the gameplay or their context.  But it’s not stopping me from enjoying it.

Same with the Metroid series.  Though I haven’t played that series due to the opportunity not presenting itself as of yet, I love the music to that series.  It’s so dark and edgy and ominous.  For a Nintendo game that is different in and of itself since people seem to think they can only to perky and happy games.  I can’t wait to play Super Metroid.  It’s on my list of things to do.

As I stated before I love the music to Okami and Wind Waker.  Two of my favorite games and I listen to those soundtracks constantly.  Ever since I got Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I’ve got to hear some amazing music from games I’ve never even heard of.  The composers of that games soundtrack even mixed some of the music from games I do know and made them even more loveable.  It rules!

It has made me so happy to have come across people who appreciate game music as much as I do.  I can now talk about it and know that someone will understand what I’m talking about and spark conversation.  I love being a game geek.  I love being a game music geek even more.  Makes me feel special even though there are more people out there now that aren’t afraid or ashamed to admit it.  Game on my people!  And rock on while you’re at it.

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