Katamari Damacy!

I’ve been watching a lot of Let’s Plays lately.  For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a video of someone playing a video game of some sort while doing live commentary.  It is infinitely more entertaining than it should be.  At this very moment I’m watching a Katamari Damacy LP.  I do so love my games.  Especially now since I can’t play them like I want since I don’t have any of my stuff since I moved.

Katamari Damacy is one of the strangest games I have ever seen.  It’s the game equivalent of an acid trip.  But it is SO much fun.  Of course it didn’t do well when it first came out and is severely underrated.  But a part of what makes this game great is it’s awesome music.  It is such happy music.  Well I think it’s happy.  It’s in Japanese so I do not understand what is being said.

It’s actually kind of funny to think about.  I mean what could you possibly sing about as you are rolling up balls of crap to fling into space and make stars and comets out of?  There was a level in the game where you have to search for a cow.  Is the song on that level about cows?  Or the one where you had to find sets of twins.  I think I may actually look up the song meanings now that it’s on my mind.  I have to know if they are singing a song about cows.

My favorite entity in the game is The King of All Cosmos.  He is an interesting character to say the least.  He wears David Bowies’ pants straight out of Labyrinth.  That alone makes him awesome.  He’s a bit of a jerk though.  But he’s a funny jerk.  I have taken it upon myself to appoint the song “King of Kings” as his theme music.  It has that sweeping epic feel of someone who is mighty and awesome and speaks of themselves in third person.

I will definitely make a concentrated effort to find the soundtrack to this game and the other Katamari games.  If those soundtracks are as awesome as this one, I’m in for a treat.  OK, I’m done expressing my undying love for another game and it’s music. See ya next week.

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