Long lost songs

You know when you hear a song a song a couple times, you like it, want to know more about it, then forget to research it?  Of course you do.  It happens to everybody.  It is one of the most annoying things to happen in life.  It happens to me all the damn time.  I’ll be listening to the radio in my car, hear a song and go, ‘yeah, I like this’.  Then get home and not remember the song or anything about it.  Then I’ll hear it again and think to myself, ‘remember this when you get home’.  Of course I never do.

So I’m getting in my car a couple days ago and I fire it up and boom, the song is playing.  This time I whipped my phone out and put it in a note so not to forget again.  I wasn’t sure of the name of the song and had no idea who sang it, but I knew some of the freaking words.  Luckily through the powers of the internet(youtube mostly) I have my song.

Don’t you hate when that happens?  There have been songs that I won’t hear for years, then out of the blue it’s playing somewhere and I’m like oh my goodness I need to have this song.  But get caught up with life and the song is once again gone forever.  I’m actually kind of happy now that I have a cell phone.  Thanks dad, for making me get one. 🙂  Now I have the power of making notations at my fingertips.

I’ve actually made it a project for myself.  To go through all the musical resources I can find and collect all the songs I loved in the past, but don’t have now.  To be honest I got the idea from my dad.  While on vacation to see him I got a hold of his laptop and loaded up a flash drive with music he had.  There were so many songs he had that I absolutely love and couldn’t believe I didn’t have them.  I’m sure this is going to take months for me to find every single song I’ve ever heard and liked.  Could be years, but I’m gonna have fun trying.  I just hope I don’t get too distracted with the new discoveries I find along the way.


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