Dreams can come true

Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve written.  But you knew that already. I got back from my vacation a few days ago and boy was it a needed one.  I feel so renewed and refreshed.  Good thing too because as soon as I got back I had to get back to the grind with an addition.  I’m finally in culinary school to carry out my dream of becoming a world renown pastry chef.

So I’m super happy at this moment in time.  The happy music in my ear and by that I mean my head has been a few songs. One of the song being “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang.  I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time.  Those who know me very well know how passionate I am about baking and learning more about the craft of creating pastries and sweets.  So to finally be on the road to carry out my dream has been a means for celebration.  And I have been, well, in my own way.

Another happy happy joy joy song(no not that one) I’ve had in my mind is the song “Dreams Can Come True” by Gabrielle.  Sure her song is about her feelings for some guy.  For me I’ve taken it and applied it to my feelings and passion for my dream and for my future.  She says ‘you’ve got to have hope’ in there somewhere and I look back on a few times where I had completely lost that.  It is not a place in my life I enjoyed.  Not a feeling I ever want to feel again.  When you don’t have hopes and dreams you really don’t have anything.

And a completely cheesy yet appropriate song that has been springing to my mind is the song from “Karate Kid”.  Joe Esposito’s “You’re the Best Around” is totally going to be my theme song throughout school.  I told the entire class and all my teachers that my goal was to be the best.  I am dead serious about it too.  I don’t care how many hours I have to put in, how many seemingly stupid questions I’ll have to ask or how long I have to keep both myself and my instructors around the campus until I get what I want out of us both.  I will be the best pastry chef ever.  Book it.  I have.

I’m gonna do my best to maintain my schedule of posting as I go through school.  Though being a chef is my dream, I love writing too.  So I’ll see how I feel once I really get going.  I may have to put this on hiatus if things get to hectic.  Hope those of you who actually read this can forgive me for that.  But the dream comes first.


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