Hit ’em with the Kenny G

I was going through some of my youtube playlist and came across some commercials that I really liked and I came across the Audi commercial that had Kenny G in it.  That one cracks me up so much.  It made me think though on my childhood.  When I was a kid, my parents listened to Kenny G all the time.  I don’t remember if it was something that I appreciated back then or not, but I do remember that it made me sleepy.

So I’ve been listening to Kenny G today, for the most part.  I like listening to him.  His music is calming to me.  And I am in awe of his saxophone playing skills.  As a girl who really digs true musicians, he is a breath of fresh air.  Makes me wish I really took my own musical talent to another level.  Alas, I’ve the curse of perpetually unmotivated.

Lots of people I’ve noticed tend to hate on the guy.  I don’t know, I guess it’s trendy right now, but I don’t understand why.  Has current music trends de-evolved to the point that instrumental music is unworthy of being appreciated?  To me that is a grotesque train of thought.  And depressing.  I really wish that there were more artists like him out there.  I don’t know off the top of my head anyone else that does what he does.

The man is a true maestro.  I love that he writes music and plays multiple instruments.  I didn’t realize that he was still making new music.  I am tempted to buy a lot of his stuff right now, but priorities.  So far, I’m really liking his earlier works.  Thanks to the Audi commercial, I started with “Songbird” and worked my way back from that.  I still have a lot of music to listen to so I can’t say an opinion on his progression.

I am impressed that he has been around for as long as he has.  Been making music professionally since the 70s.  So he’s seen a lot of music trends.  I’m glad that in a constantly changing industry he has found a nice niche for himself that makes him unique and interesting.  He’s one of the few music acts around now days that I would love to go see in concert.  This is coming from a person that has only been to one concert ever(hate going to concerts).  I’m that impressed with him.


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