My search for the gospel

So I didn’t do a post last Thursday.  To be quite honest I was just too darn preoccupied to think about writing about anything.  For future reference There may not be too many posts this month as I will be gone on vacation and won’t have the ability to write or post anything.

Now that that announcement is made on with the post.  I’ve been feeling really down lately.  Like really down.  To the point where I feel like I’m self destructing.  I have been talking with a lot of the new people that I’ve met since I’ve started going to church.  And they suggested of course to read my Bible, but also to listen to more spiritual music.

I have absolutely no idea about spiritual music.  I listen to gospel music very rarely so I wouldn’t even know where to begin.  I know growing up I was surrounded by it.  My grandfather always listened to it and so did my father.  But as I was uninterested in I didn’t pay attention to any of it.  Quite honestly this is something I’m gonna need some help with.

I don’t know where to begin.  I’m aware that a new genre of hip hop type gospel has surfaced in recent years.  I don’t know if I want to go with this new modern stuff or grand epic depressing Catholic or old school.  The closest thing I have to anything even remotely gospel message like is MC Hammer doing “Pray” and “Do Not Pass Me By”.

There are so many different artists and styles I don’t know who to listen to.  I’m seriously overwhelmed with this.  At this rate I may have to call in the big guns and speak to my grandfather.  I could have asked the people I go to church with, but I haven’t been there in a week and a half.  I’ll continue this when I find something.


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