Wishing Disney returns to its musical roots

I can’t believe I wasted an entire day.  I work nights so I tend to have a pretty wonky schedule.  So I sleep during the day.  Last night I didn’t work, but I was still up all night and most of the morning.  I woke up and saw it was dark thinking it was raining.  Nope!  It’s 8pm.  Oh God.  I can’t believe it.  I had stuff I wanted to do today.  So much for seizing the day.

And that statement quite literally made me think of that song from Disney’s “Newsies”. ‘Open the gates and seize the day.  Don’t be afraid and don’t delay’.  Yeah.  I completely missed that today.  Luckily listening to this song which is so happy and upbeat makes me feel a lot better.  Not about my wasted day, but better than I was before.  That’s what great musical numbers do.  And this is something I think Disney has forgotten.

I don’t remember much about “Newsies”.  I know that Bill Pullman(LONESTAR!!) was in it.  What I do know after coming across it again is that this is an era of Disney that I really miss.  I miss those old live action musical films that they did.  Now that they’ve found ‘success’ in the action genre, I wonder if they’ll ever do a musical again.

I mean, with “Mary Poppins” and “The Lion King” being on broadway now and finding huge critical success, it’s not that their aren’t people out there that appreciate musicals.  I recognize that not everyone is a musical genre lover.  I don’t expect people to be.  But I am one and there are people like me.  Lots of them.  And I feel that our desires to see great musicals are being very much ignored.  Especially from Disney who used to be the king of musical.  At least in my mind.

I don’t want to get into my feelings about “High School Musical” and the reign of terror that it strikes whenever I come across it.  But I have no choice.  “High School Musical”, the first one anyway, was admittedly a solid modern day musical.  The story made sense, the musical numbers were well done and it was cute all around.  Yes.  I enjoyed the first one.  The others not so much.  By that point they were just milking the cash cow dry and I did not appreciate that.  They expected people to love it because it was “HSM” and not because it was any good.

I wrote about “The Slipper and the Rose” a few weeks ago.  Though not Disney it was a musical from my childhood that I remember fondly.  I hadn’t seen it a lot as a kid, but I sure did remember a lot of the songs.  I miss that kind of thing.  Now days, you don’t see too many musicals that people will be able to look back on with a smile in their heart.  And I find that quite sad.

Dear Disney, Do all your musical fans a huge favor and turn back the clock.  Go back to the days when you were awesome and made awesome and thoughtful musical movies that everybody loved and enjoyed.  We miss them and dream of seeing them again.  Done with the care and thought and professional reverence that made you guys household names in the first place and not what you guys are doing now.  We’d appreciate it.  Thanks.  Sincerely, You’re musical lovers.


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