The Bieber Experiement

When did Justin Bieber emerge for the first time?  I think it’s been a little while.  While I won’t say I hate the kid, I will say I find the hype surrounding him a little disturbing.  Hype of any kind bothers me most of the time.  Especially when it’s to the point where in this case we have people calling themselves ‘Bielibers’.  It’s pure insanity.

I’m a music lover first and foremost.  I’m not going to bash people on what they like.  Or don’t like.  Musical taste are individual and subjective.  A persons own connection with whatever they decide to listen to is all that matters.  So while it may be trendy and cute right now to bash people because they like his music, at the end of the day it’s not cool.  If you are mocking these people because they are rabid fans to the point of idiocy, then go ahead.  They at times forget how to act like humans and deserve that.

I have gone up until this past Sunday without hearing even one of his songs.  I haven’t watched his videos, heard his songs in passing, on the radio or out and about.  When I’m at home I’m listening to all the things I listened to growing up, video game music and music that I come across that’s interesting.  In my car, I’m on oldies and classic rock.  So it makes sense that I haven’t heard anything from him.  I see him everywhere, but I’ve still managed to avoid him, somehow.

So this past Sunday, I’m getting off work and decided to go to one of my favorite hole in the wall joints to grab some breakfast.  I place my order and I’m waiting for my food when this song comes up.  It’s not a song I’ve ever heard before.  It’s a slow song.  It’s has a great melody and the person singing has a beautiful voice.  The guy behind the counter immediately runs to the ipod hookup and changes the song.  I was confused and a bit annoyed at this because I was feeling the music.  So I ask him who was singing the song he changed.  His answer hit me like a cold wet blanket.

I can’t say for sure what I expected when I thought of Justin Biebers music, but I was not expecting that.  At 33 there was about a minute of feelings of shame and filthiness to me because Oh My God, I was just grooving to a Justin Bieber song.  A whole minute.  Because barring who it was singing the song, the fact of the matter was that I liked it.  I liked it.  No harm no foul, move along, nothing to see here.  I should have asked him what the name of the song was.  Since then I can hear that melody lingering in the back of my mind.  I’d actually like to hear the rest of the song.  Just so I can decide if it’s something I want to keep in my head or forget about completely.

I’ve listened to a few of his songs trying to figure it out.  I still haven’t found it and none of his other songs have grabbed me like that one.  But I will say this…the guy is talented.  Like it or not, he is, and his detractors will never be able to take that away from him.  He is doing what he loves and is getting paid for it.  The American dream at work.  He does not deserve all the visceral amounts of hate that comes his way.  As long as he continues to provide what people want, no one can say anything to him unless they are going to step up to the mic and provide something better.


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