Animaniacs now puts me to shame

Well, I am currently watching Animaniacs and remembering why it was the best show on television.  It’s true.  This show had everything.  It was funny, it was quirky, it was intelligent without taking itself too seriously.  And in hindsight I must say a tad disturbing with how naughty it was.  But still, it was just modern day greatness.

So I just finished watching the infamous Nations of the world song.  I am ashamed to say that even now at 33 years old, I still could not name even a 3rd of these countries.  It is positively sad.  The great thing about it is that because of this song I actually tried to learn it back then.  And was OK with it.  We all at some point harp on PBS type educational stuff for kids.  But Animaniacs did it perfectly where a young mind was entertained but still educated in some way.  Even though I was 15 when this show came out and should have known half of this stuff anyway is beside the point.

United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru…that’s all I remember.

Watching it made me think of the temp job I had back in November.  Myself and a few ladies where doing our sorting when I brought up the Animaniacs segment where they sang about the fifty states and their capitols.  I admit that I cannot name all fifty states, let alone the capitols.  We actually spent 45 minutes that day trying to name all fifty states.  It was pathetic that none of us knew off the top of our heads.  We really had to strain to think about it.  Only thing I remembered were the names of the states I have lived in and Utah where the buffalo roam(actual lyric from the song).

It amazes me the stuff they try to drill into our heads in school as kids we absolutely just flat out forget about when we get older.  I actually used to be good at geography.  Now I couldn’t tell you what region in Africa that Zaire is in.  If I didn’t remember Italy was the country shaped like a boot, I’d never find it.  Can’t tell the difference between Denmark and Finland.  And I am totally confused about the location of Thailand and India.  It bugs me that I’ve lost basic knowledge like this.  I really need to re-educate myself.  Seriously this is sad.


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