Blast from the past in cartoon form

I know I’m not the only person who perks up when I hear a theme from my childhood.  I know it.  I can still hear a lot of them in my head at random and inconvenient times.  I’m an 80s kid so I had some of the best themes ever.  These classic little gems are more than likely gonna stick in my mind til I hit the grave.  You  know what though, I’m ok with that.

I just discovered that WB has released Swat Kats on DVD.  This is the most exciting news I’ve heard since they put all the Harry Potter movies in one set.  Swat Kats though not 80s was one of the most fantastic themes I’ve ever heard.  And that show had not one theme, but two.  Both are great, but I am partial to the second one.  They both have slamming guitars on both of them.  But the second one felt more ‘rock’ I guess you could say.  And for me I think it fit the show a bit better.  Cause the show was edgy and so is that theme.

I recently got Smurfs on DVD.  NO!!! Not that atrocious, insulting, bastardized Hollywood byproduct.  I prefer my classic Smurfs that were hand drawn and lived in a hand drawn world.  I am of the firm belief that theme was better without words.  They have one where it is purely instrumental and had that little part with Gargamel talking over it at some point.  Then they came up with an opening that had actual lyrics.  The lyrics though happy and cheery and fit in the smurfy world, it just didn’t do it for me.  Let’s keep it simple.

One thing I’m a very VERY angry about is the fact that I will never have Muppet Babies on a disc set to call my own.  Why?? Because someone, somewhere who is already richer than the law allows is a greedy bastard.  Remember all those movie cuts that the show had interlaced with it to make it more awesome and move the story along.  Yeah, if we ever got it on DVD those would be left out.  And that would kill the pacing of the show.  It isn’t freaking fair at all.  Loved the show and the theme.  One of the cutest theme songs ever written next to the Backyardigans.  I still will bust out and sing that one.  It’s so catchy and awesome.  Search your feelings.  You know it to be true.

While it was on before and during my childhood, then revived as I was entering adulthood.  I have a soft spot in my heart for the theme music to Jonny Quest.  That music is what adventure sounds like.  To me that is up there with Indiana Jones.  I may be mistaken but wasn’t there about 4 versions of that show?  They all had the basic same theme, just arranged differently.  I remember the classic, there were two different versions that came on in the early 90s.  And then the revival with all the CG.  It’s the two in the middle where my mind is messing up.  The sucky part is I can find no evidence that they existed.  Only my memory which I admit can be a touch unreliable.  But I’m sure I didn’t make those up.  Maybe they were tv movies or something.  I just don’t know.

Nostalgic trips down memory lane are always awesome.  I have so many fond memories of myself as a kid sitting in front of the tv and getting lost in adventure.  And it wasn’t all mindless.  People who said that tv rotted your brain back in the day can bite me.  I turned out just fine.  I weep for the kids these days and what they have to watch.  But I know there were some things I watched that my parents said the same thing.  So the cycle continues.


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