I am the dancing queen even at 33

So I started my new job today and it was a blast.  It’s in a water park! How can it not be?  Only thing that sucked is the heat, but I’ll get used to that.  Anyway, hanging out near one of the attractions I hear disco music playing.  I don’t care what anyone says, disco is still awesome.  I hear some of the greats.  Gloria Gaynor, the Village People, Michael Jackson, and the Bee Gees.  Great stuff.

Then it came one.  The song of the disco era.  Abba and the “Dancing Queen”.  Shut up!  It’s one of the greatest songs ever put on record.  So like I always do when I get caught up in the music, I started dancing to it.  Normally, I’d just do a few quick moves and compose myself, but I just danced for whole thing.  The people in the lines got a kick out of it.  I’m supposed to be friendly and engaging on this job so breaking out into random dance seemed like the thing to do.  It worked out I suppose.

I was tempted to sing to, but I know not to press my luck.  But it’s so hard once they get to the “you are the dancing queen, young and sweet only seventeen” part.  I don’t know anyone who isn’t tempted to sing that part.  I think it’s more the harmony of the singers than the actual words.  I got one big burly guy to do it though.  That was awesome!  His kids looked so embarrassed and that was even more awesome.

I actually heard a remake of this song by a young group of kids.  I can’t even say that remade.  It was a copy.  They changed nothing.  Not the music, the way the song was sang, nothing.  So I’m asking myself why did they bother.  The original would have sufficed.  But oh well.  Can’t blame them for trying, whoever they were.

Now that I’m home and typing this up, I have this huge urge to watch “Saturday Night Fever”.


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