TV Time: Growing Pains

Remember when we had television shows that the whole family could watch together?  It’s slowly starting to fade from my memory unfortunately.  Tv shows of the past were awesome. They were great for families and they had awesome theme songs.  Today I’m reminiscing on Growing Pains.  I loved Growing Pains when I was a kid.  It was funny, it was touching, it was thought provoking, it was relatable(yes, I know this isn’t a word, deal with it).

I haven’t seen the show in years, but I remember all the characters, that Leonardo DiCaprio was in it and most importantly, to this blog at least, the theme music.  I can still remember that song word for word.  And while I have the worlds worst singing voice, I will burst into singing it at random and sometimes at the most awkward of times.  I only get the occasional weird looks.  Some people actually get it, which makes me smile.

Show me that smile again, Don’t waste another minute on your crying, We’re nowhere near the end, The best is ready to begin, As long as we got each other, We got the world spinning right in our hand, Baby you and me, We gotta be, The luckiest dreamers who never quit dreaming, As long as we keep on giving, We can take anything that comes our way, Baby rain or shine all the time, We got each other, Sharing the laughter and love

It is such a happy song of a united love.  I don’t know who it is they got to sing this song, but mad kudos to them because they make song.  There is the version where the guy is singing by himself which is good.  But when they added the woman for the harmony it wormed its way into my heart where it now still lives.  There is also this version that kind of sounds like a slow barber shop a cappella type style that I really hated.  To me it was so morose and depressing.  I’ll take the upbeat versions thank you.

Here I am, years later and full grown adult and I still love this.  This show brings me back to simpler times.  They weren’t so simple to me then, but I’ve got the benefit of hindsight now.  I can always look back and remember the times I sat around with my whole family and watched this and sang the song.  Thanks mom for teaching me the correct words for it.  I really had it good.  Can we get more shows with awesome themes like this again please?


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