Layla. You got me by the ear.

You gotta love classic rock and oldies radio stations.  If it wasn’t for those a whole bunch of songs would completely escape me forever.  A lot of songs I hear hit me in my musical guts.  But the ones that hit me hard enough to make me want to pick up a musical instrument are exciting.  So once again my car ride radio experience gifts me with excitement as they played Eric Clapton’s “Layla” performed by Derek and the Dominos.

The music in that song is fierce.  The guitar, the drums, the bass, the piano, everything makes me want to run out to my nearest music supply store and drop money on equipment.  But then it would take me another 10-20 years to save up for lessons to learn to play them all.  It’s one of my goals in life anyway, but not all at once.  I’m not that crazy.  If I was rich, it’d be different.

The song is great.  From what I read on it, it’s considered one of the greatest songs of all time.  What is it about songs dealing with unrequited love that we all love so much.  It’s a short song itself, but it’s still pretty nifty.  But the track is long showcasing more the music in the song.  Which is what I like most about it.

The music for me is the driving force behind why I like it.  That first few chords from the guitar and then the electric kicks in and the first time I heard it I looked at my radio and said to it, ‘yes, I will listen to you, whoever you are’.  As I listened to it and that impassioned “Layla” got me in the gut.  Then the hard guitars died away and you get this beautiful piano.  It such a sad piano.  At least I think so.  I get kinda teary eyed at that part.  It’s like I can feel the longing the song was trying to convey.  Powerful stuff.

I had no idea who the artist was, so I didn’t get to hear it often, but I never forgot that initial feeling the first time I heard it.  But oh, when I did learn the artist and the name of the song.  Love people.  So much love.  I played the heck out of it.  I still do at times and it makes my heart sing each time.  Eventually, I’ll start looking into some other of his songs.  So many songs and so little time.


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