Are we really all just dust in the wind

So, these updates are starting to come a bit later and later.  Why?  Life is starting to get really really busy.  I have 2 jobs which take up a lot of time and really disturbs my sleeping schedule.  I started going to church which aside from the actual service has people and activities that go along with that.  And I just may be going back to school.  Things are about to get crazier.

I could make a concentrated effort to pre-write all my posts, but I can only do that sometimes.  My post are thought of spur of the moment for the most part.  Planning them out is not something I’m sure I can do on a consistent basis.  The alternative is later post like this one.  But hey, my blog promise was Tuesday/Thursday.  Not Tue/Thur. at such and such appointed time.  And having said that I feel so much better. 🙂

All this crazy business actually made my mind turn to a song I hadn’t heard in a while.  “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas has been on my mind as of late.  I’m pretty sure it has to do with the fact that life is starting to show signs of progress and purpose.  For anyone who hasn’t heard the song, it starts off like this

I close my eyes only for a moment and the moments gone, All my dreams pass before my eyes a curiosity. Dust in the wind, all they are is dust in the wind.

A truer line has never before been sung.  I think of all the times I sat around and watched the world go by.  Having no desire to be a participant in life whatsoever.  Letting time get away from me.  Wasted time.  I’ll never get it back.  Those days spent with my eyes closed, dreaming of things I always wanted, but couldn’t be bothered with getting up and trying to make them happen.  Watching them pass before my eyes because I thought they were impossible.

All those thoughts and dreams could very well be dust in the wind, if I was dead.  But I ain’t dead yet!  I still got time and I’ve got the power.  All those days spent just watching my dream life pass through my mind is going to be made a reality.  I’m going to be what I want, do what I want and get what I want. Last point of the song is this.

Don’t hang on nothing last forever but the earth and sky, It slips away and all your money won’t another minute buy

Of course I want to have lots of money, lots of nice things.  Who doesn’t?  But at the end of the day, the end of it all, it doesn’t matter.  What I do with all that stuff to help others and the world does.  I want to have something to show for my life.  Most of all I want to be remembered.  People don’t remember things you had in life, they remember your deeds.  They remember who you are as a person.  I don’t want to leave this life and there be nothing to be said about me.  Good things, bad things, indifferent, whatever.  But nothing.  That to me is the saddest legacy one can leave behind.


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