I’m weird.  I’ve said this often enough.  It is within that weirdness that I always find happiness.  Case in point, today, I get off work at 6am and I’m dead tired.  I get myself ready for bed as soon as I get to the house.  Turn on my music and set for random.  What is the first thing I hear when my head hits the pillow…Caramelldansen! For anyone who does not furiously troll youtube like I do in search of entertainment, you’ll have missed this little craze that cropped up about 3 or 4 so years ago that captured the attention of anime and anime music lovers everywhere.

I discovered it when my friend showed it to me.  It was the goofiest thing I had ever seen and heard.  I loved it immediately.  I am still to this day not sure of the origins of it.  Was it in a game?  A tv show?  Just a silly song?  I have no idea.  It didn’t ever occur to me to question it.  I just let myself be continuously swept up by the awesome.  And it is awesome!  I don’t care what anyone says.

Anyway, as I said, there was like a year long obsession with this song and the little dance that went along with it.  People were making their own videos with their favorite anime characters doing the dance.  There were videos of people actually doing it themselves.  I saw it being performed at Comic Con International during a masquerade skit.  It was everywhere.  It was insanity.

But back to me.  It comes on just as my head hits the pillow and I get a sudden recharge of energy.  I get up and I start doing the dance.  I can’t help but not doing the dance when I hear this music.  It’s so silly and catchy.  Not a lot of people are going to understand the warm fuzzies I get from this.  Kinda like they won’t understand the song itself anyway.  Lucky for me the song is very short.  So once the song was over, I hit my pillow and I can’t even tell you what song played afterwards.


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