I’m Weightless

Life has started taking such a spectacular turn.  The old me would sit back and question my good fortune.  Try to analyze it.  Wonder if it was a fluke.  The OLD me.  The new me, the person I was meant to be, is just gonna go with it and build on it.  I have never felt this happy and free.

In keeping with that just go with it attitude, I’m happy that my Ipod came across a song I didn’t remember having.  Natasha Bedingfield’s “Weightless” off her “Strip Me” album has turned into my theme for my new life.  It’s a song about not letting anything hold you back.  Freeing yourself from the weight of the world and doing your thing.  Whatever that thing is that makes you happy.  Basically, do you.

Here’s what she says:

“Sky is the limit and I just wanna float, free as a spirit on a journey of hope, cut the strings and let me go, I’m weightless, I’m weightless. Billions of balloons tethered to the ground, weight of the world try to hold us down, cut the strings and let me go, I’m weightless, I’m weightless.”

My renewed faith in God and a new found faith in myself is new, but if this is the kind of happiness that I can have with those things, I intend to extend them to the end of my lifetime.  I love when I come across songs that embody what I’m feeling at a particular time.  And that it came to my attention at this time makes it all the more awesome and close to my heart.

I’ll have this at the back of my mind as I’m out achieving everything that I said that I wanted.  I have so much to offer the world.  My faith and belief will make everything possible.  I believe that wholeheartedly.  No one and nothing is going to hold me back.  There’s no reason for me to allow that.  I’m too awesome for that.  Thanks for the theme Natasha!


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