Avenue Q

Last week was the first of the month where I touch on a new piece of music, artist or something new.  I didn’t do that because the passing of Don Cornelius weighed heavy on my heart and it was necessary for me to discuss him and his impact on music.  But today I’ll get back on track with something I’ve discovered fairly recently, but maybe some of you have been up on since the beginning.

OK.  There is this play called Avenue Q that I’ve been put on, again too late(inside joke).  It’s a musical play that features puppets.  And we all know puppets are awesome.  Those who don’t think so, I have no idea what’s wrong with you.  But the kicker is that this is a play for adults.  I can already imagine the shock and horror of parents who took their kids to see a play because OOH PUPPETS and were in for a rude awakening.

Well I located the soundtrack and gave it a listen.  I’m happy to say that I laughed my butt off for the majority of it.  It is hilarious.  It is beyond awesome.  I really wish I had seen it while it was running.  That would have been the best.

I was already sold with the first song, “It Sucks to Be Me”.  I have woke up plenty of days feeling just like this.  Now I have a song to go with those days.  There is nothing more tragic than a bunch of people trying to make their lives sound more awful than the next.  And put to music no less.  It’s fantastic!  AND there is an actress playing Gary Coleman.  There is no end to the win.

The other song that is hilarious and yes it IS hilarious is the song, “Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist”.  Now such a volatile subject you would not think you could get a humorous musical number about it, but they did it.  It’s so catchy and amazing and based on truth.  I think that’s why it worked.  It talks about the subject honestly and with the knowledge that while hey racism does suck, it is what it is and it’s not going away.  Ever.  Sad but true.

The other song that cracked me up was “The Internet is for Porn”.  The internet is home to some of the largest collection of porn on earth.  Everyone who frequents the interweb on a regular basis knows this as fact.  Those who don’t will learn soon enough.  And while there is a good growing collection of a variety of other things like, music, news, other useful information and social media.  Porn still reigns supreme.  Deal with it.

Now if you are an openminded enough adult individual, I would totally find this soundtrack and give it a listen.  Or heck even begging and pleading for the play to make the rounds again so that you can see it.  So that I can see it!!  Those tracks alone made me want to go see it.  But then I’m a person who flocks to humor.  And again people, I can’t stress this enough, it has PUPPETS!!


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