TV Time: Magnum PI

I admit it right now to all the world.  I like theme music from tv shows.  If I could get all the ones I like on my ipod I’d sure as hell would have them.  Am I alone in this?  You don’t have to say so of course, but you cannot deny that there are a lot of tv themes that kick a ton of ass.  You also can’t deny the nostalgia factor on a lot of the old school ones.  You know if you think about a show, any show, that you watched back in the day, you can’t tell me the opening theme doesn’t spring to mind.

I was trolling Youtube as I like to do and I ran into the theme for Magnum PI.  Now you would think that I as a young girl would have sat through a show like this as a kid.  An ex-Navy Seal turned private investigator that drove an awesome red Ferrari and lived in the guest house of some rich guys mansion in Hawaii.  What about any of this appealed to a little girl?

Firstly, I love mysteries.  Cop and crime dramas have always been a staple of my tv viewing.  Ever since my Scooby Doo days, I’ve always loved trying to figure out who did it.  Still do.  Secondly, THE THEME!  You can’t listen to that opening theme and not be immediately pumped!  In my mind you couldn’t have a theme like that and not have something awesome to go behind it.  Thirdly, Tom Selleck.  Even then I recognized the 100% pure awesomeness that was Tom Selleck.  He was just so freaking cool it was almost maddening to watch him, so jealous was I.  He had by far the coolest mustache in creation since Burt Reynolds.  He had swag before the term was popular.  And fourthly, Higgens.  John Hillerman as Higgens in a way made the show for me.  The Higgens character was just this rigid, stuffy, stone faced English guy, who was such an excellent foil for Selleck’s character.  I loved him.  Which is weird considering if I met a person like that I’d probably take an immediate disliking to them cause rigid people annoy me.

But back to the theme.  I have heard this theme for years and years now and I still can’t pinpoint what instruments are being used.  Drums and the guitars are given, but what is the rest of it?  I want to say I can make out a violin in there.  If there is one it’s blended in there too well for me to tell.  Despite that, I’m amazed at how well the music still holds up.  You know how you can usually tell what era certain music comes from.  With this one I can’t really pinpoint it as completely 80s.   I honestly don’t think it sounds that dated.  Whether people think it’s dated or not, you cannot deny it was an awesome theme to an awesome show.  It’s up there as one of the most recognizable and the most classic.  Now to get myself a freaking Ferrari.


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