Relax, relate, release

Wow! I am so late.  Sorry about that.  I have been really busy these past couple of days.  I’m trying to buy a house.  Not rent, buy.  Renting sucks and is the stupidest concept in creation.  Pay for something I can’t have?  Whatever!!  Anyway it’s a very labor intensive and stressful process.  You ever have those moments where you are just so high strung and frazzled you just want to curl up in a little cocoon and wait for the world to go away.   Of course you have.  We’ve all been there.

In times like this when I really need to de-stress, I start listening to meditation sounds.  Water running in a stream, rainfall, waves crashing against the shore, crickets in the night.  Stuff like that.  Anything natural where I can close my eyes and locate that place of perfect calm and serenity.  Take multiple deep cleansing breaths and just let the sounds take you someplace quiet.

I picked up some of these recently from the library.  One is this one called “Ocean Waves” by Dr. Jeffery Thomas is the most soothing thing I ever heard.  I really like ocean noises.  It puts me at immediate ease.  It also puts me immediately to sleep.  Seriously.  If I put this on and close my eyes, I wake up hours later completely relaxed every time.  You wouldn’t think I’d care much for beaches seeing as I can’t swim and all.  But for me, just going to the waters edge is like going to the edge of the earth.  You look out in the horizon and you just see a vast empty space.  Nothing but ocean.  So many possibilities.

Another one I got is called “Sleepy Ocean” by the same person.  This again is the sound of water.  But for me it’s different than the last one.  The last one totally makes me think of the beach.  This one makes me think of being on a boat.  Laying on deck, looking up at the stars, waves crashing against the boat.  The motion of the ocean and the sound of the waves.  That has to be the most magical feeling in the world.  Also puts me to sleep.  I dream in peace with this.

The last one I got “Meditative Stream“.  Also by Dr. Thomas.  This dude has this genre on lock!  It is the sound of a forest stream with little birdies and other little animal noises going on.  I’m not an outdoor person, but this one makes me smile.  Makes me think in a way of Bambi.  Not completely because that movie makes me cry.  But more the setting of the film.  Nature at complete harmony and balance.  Such a fantastic concept.  Not only do I use this to relax.  I also use it for yoga.

I totally recommend the use of meditative sounds as a means to achieve calm in a hectic world.  Most of us have precious little time as it is.  Work, families, and other responsibilities.  Why not take some time to just sit and relax to the point that your mind goes blank and you are in a state of total zen.  I think this is something that everybody owes to themselves to do.  Life is too darn short to be on high anxiety all the time.  Relax people!


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