Happy New Year everyone!  I hope 2012 greeted everybody with warm wishes and the promise of hope for the future.  I spent the new year taking a nap, drinking and taking more naps.  It’s good to be a grownup.  Anyway, here we are first post of the month and I’m going to talk about my most recent musical experience.

That musical experience is named Ke$ha.  I paid absolutely no attention to her when everyone else was.  It’s my customary habit to not follow hype.  But I picked up her album “Animal” while I was in the library.  The only thing I can say about it is ‘fun’.  It’s a pretty fun album.  My toes tapped and I smiled a lot while listening to it.  Over all I enjoyed it.

I had heard one of her songs previously and didn’t realize it til I heard it again.  I think it was earlier in the year and one of the music channels was playing one of their generic top 100 videos and I saw the one for “Take It Off”.  I remember hearing it and thinking it was catchy, but didn’t catch who sang it and I never heard it again, so I forgot about it.  In the time I’ve had the CD I’ve listened to this song about 800 times.  It’s so damn catchy.  I’ve been singing it for days and it was my new years song of choice this year.  Who knew that a song melody based on a childs limerick could be so awesome.  In fact, I’ve listened to this song enough to know the lyrics by heart.  Not bad for 2 days.

The song “Kiss N Tell” had me dying of laughter.  Mostly because I was having a conversation with a friend just the other day on what the song was talking about.  Basically, don’t do dirt then go tell everybody about it.  You look like an idiot and you’ll lose your bf/gf.  The way that she puts it in the song makes you laugh because we’ve all seen it before.  But instead of behing butthurt over it, she’s like, ‘well, then screw you, begone, I have other things to do’.  It’s awesome.

The whole album is just fun dance music.  It’s hard not to want to dance while listening to it.  I’m not sure how I feel about the artist herself.  I still don’t know enough about her to make that call.  Can’t gauge if there is real talent there or just another studio product.  But for now I’ll enjoy it for what it is and encourage others to do the same.


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