Mr. GriiiInch

I LOVE ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’!  It is my favorite Christmas movie alongside ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’.  And I mean the animated version, NOT that horrific live action one. *shudder*  Why Jim Carey?  Never speak of that one to me, it makes me irritable.

This Christmas special kicks ass.  I have it on DVD and it doesn’t need to be Christmas time for me to watch it.  It has Boris Karloff narrating AND voicing the Grinch!  That alone is can chock full of awesome sauce.  But what does it for me is the voice of Tony the Tiger himself Thurl Ravenscroft singing the most iconic song ever.

“Your A Mean One Mr. Grinch” is one of the weirdest and greatest songs ever.  I wish that Dr. Seuss was still alive so I could pick his brains for the inspiration and the thought process behind the lyrics.  Really listen to the song.  Who else would think of putting the words together in the way that they did to create the imagery that it does?  Nobody!

You are suppose to dislike the Grinch.  You aren’t supposed to identify with him.  Yet I do.  He is so incredibly awesome, I’m almost jealous of him.  And the song is a huge part of that.  This character is supposed to be one of the most despicable and terrible entities ever and for some reason I just cannot dislike him and if you do, you’re disturbed in the head.  At least, that’s my opinion anyway.

My favorite line is the ‘you have termites in your smile’ part.  I start bursting into hysterical fits of laughter every time I hear it.  Because I can picture it.  I really can.  And as disgusting of an image it is, it amuses the heck out of me.  Though I find him stealing the food out of the refrigerators just as amusing, but whatever.

He didn’t hate Christmas per say, it’s what happened during that time that made him so cranky.  Kids running around yelling and screaming, people spontaneously bursting into song, festive dining, the toys.  Who wouldn’t be cranky having to listen to all that noise?  Especially if that carries ALL the way up to the top of a mountain when the sound is at the bottom.  I can identify being annoyed with that.  Yet instead of going through all that trouble to rob an entire village in the middle of a cold winter night with no pants, just have the law slap them with a noise ordinance.  Infinitely less work and just as effective.