Naughty By Nature

It’s gonna be a bit difficult for me to write this blog for a while.  What with my new job and the fact that I am gone all day and I’m pretty drained, but I’m gonna do my best to remain consistent and on schedule.

So, while at this said new job my mind for some reason started thinking about the group Naughty By Nature.  What happened to those guys?  Where are they now?  Will they make new music?  Why don’t I have any of their cds?

Seriously, I don’t and I questioned as to why not.  I loved them back in the day.  But in that time period I was under 18, lived with my parents and wasn’t allowed to own certain types of music.  I listened to them all the time anyway, but I just never owned their music.  I think by the time I got over those obstacles they weren’t around much and dropped off my radar so I guess I forgot about them.

Treach, Vin Rock and DJ Kay Gee.  I remember thinking that Treach was SO hot.  He just had that muscular thugish ruggish thing going on that never appealed to me in anyone other than him.  I was so jealous when he got with Pepa.  He and Vin Rock were the only two memeber I knew of.  They were the faces I always saw.  Poor DJ Kay Gee.  He gets no love.

Do you remember “O.P.P.”?  I do.  First song of theirs I ever heard.  I sang this song.  Well I sang the hook.  Had no idea what they were saying.  Seriously!  I had no clue whatsoever what the hell this song was about.  I got into my late 20s before I figured out what it was about.  Thank you internet!  Though admitting this brings back that ‘I’m an idiot’ feeling so, moving on now.

In 1994 everybody and their grandparents were really feeling the song “Hip Hop Hooray”.  You could not go far without somebody breaking out with ‘hey, ho, hey, ho’.  I know now that a lot of the music was samples from other artists, but that bass line was perfect.  It was smooth, like butter.  The way the lyrics flowed with it makes this my favorite song of theirs.

I gotta keep this short so I’ll end this by saying that in my research I discovered that there is a mix tape of them floating around somewhere.  I need to find it and listen to it.  Apparently they hadn’t worked together as a group in a few years, so this should be interesting.  All in all, I’m looking forward to reacquainting myself with their music.  But right now, I need to go to bed.  I have a real job now.


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