I’m amazed that this is my fifth month of writing this blog.  I feel proud of myself.  But enough of that.  A few posts ago I was talking about music that I had to listen to.  Music from artists that are both still around or done.  Which gave me an idea.  At the first Tuesday/Thursday of every month, I’ll talk about those artists who I’m very late to discovering.  Better late then never I always say.  That’ll start today.

The past week with the obtaining of Spotify, I started listening to a band that I had heard about, but never actually heard.  That band is His Infernal Majesty aka H.I.M.  What can I say, I have a soft spot for foreign rock.  They’re from Finland!

As of now I’ve listened to the “Razorblade Romance” disc and so far, I’m happy with what I’ve heard.  The lead singer Ville Valo is scary.  Scary talented and scary looking, but still manages to maintain some attractiveness.  Look at his eyes in his pictures.  Piercing! Mesmerizing!  His vocals are unreal.  For a rock singer, his voice is so smooth.  Kinda like a good scotch.

I had to listen to “Your Sweet Six Six Six” a few times.  Music is awesome, but where was this song when I was younger.  When I think of Boyfriend #0 and all I went through with that guy, I think I would have coped a hell of a lot better with this song as my flagship breakup song.

I love “Razorblade Kiss”.  A song about the torture of being in love with a person so much it hurts.  Not that I would know a stitch about the subject.  But it is a sentiment I find fascinating.  For some reason, while listening to this song I thought about Curt Cobain.  Weird.

“Resurrection” is also a kickass song.  Though, for some reason, it makes me sad.  I’m not really sure why.  It’s a great song and the music is incredible and it is a love song.  But it leaves me with such a feeling of melancholy.  And yet the masochist that I am plays it over an over again.

I am happy so far.  I got about 4 more albums to listen to.  But this first one has helped this group capture my attention.  I live in the hope that it will only get better from here.

Sorry! I can’t find any ‘official’ youtube vids of these songs.  I’m afraid I gotta leave you on your own.


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