The gangsta, the killa and me

So I’m at work the other night and as usual one of my least favorite customers showed up for his nightly workout.  He is one of the handful of people who I see and automatically think ‘insta-punch’!  He is one of those kind of people.

This also for some reason made me think of the old rap group Westside Connection.  I haven’t heard from those guys in forever.  Damn shame they stopped making music.  They were bad ass.  Well anything with Ice Cube is gonna be pretty freaking ridiculous.  And it was through this group pairing that I started paying attention to Mack 10.  WC not so much.  I don’t know why.  This may need to be rectified soon.

So in seeing this particular person, I thought about WSC, particularly the song “Potential Victims”.  You have no idea how much I’d love to say screw my job at some points.  Then jump over the counter and beat the everloving crap out of some people.  But I really like my job and I respect myself enough to not get myself arrested.  I can’t make bail anyway.

The first time I heard them was that song “Bow Down”.  I was a senior in high school by then.  And in California no less.  You could not walk down the street and not hear this song blasting out of someones car window eventually.  I, being a person who loves funky bass lines and beats, totally dug this one.  I listen to it now and wish I had let it inspire me to be great.  And by great I mean an asshole.  I didn’t have it in me back then and that was when I needed it the most.

When “Gangstas Make The World Go Round” came out I always got excited.  I looked forward to hearing that song.  It was like the greatest song ever.  Considering I didn’t know any real gangstas, never saw one up close, didn’t go where they were known to be, I really wonder why that is.  Again, it has to be because of the music because I had no idea what they were talking about.

Is it insane that it took me getting extremely annoyed to think of these guys?  These guys were hardcore and all, but they were also very organized and put a lot of thought into their albums.  They’re songs weren’t totally about mindless anger and violence.  They were more into being masters of their domain.  So taking that into consideration I need to be more in control of myself and not think about tearing the flesh off of some persons face when they make me mad.  And if I can’t, I need to start figuring out some angrier music.


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