For reasons that I can’t explain and really don’t want to dwell on I used to not like Sade.  I remember my parents played their music all the time when I was a kid and I’d turn up my nose.  My dad told me I was crazy.  Which was true and still is.  But this wasn’t a manifestation of crazy.  This was sheer stupidity.  I was a stupid, stupid child.

I have of course since done a complete backpedal of my stance on their music.  In fact I think it was in later teens that I started really listening to them and appreciating the sheer raw talent Sade Adu has.  She has one of the purest sounding voices of any artist I have ever heard.  Also one of the most sensual.  I could easily develop a girl crush on her.

I didn’t realize that the name Sade though named after her is actually the name of the whole band.  I never knew that.  So I feel proud that in my research I have learned something significant.  Thinking on it, it makes sense because the music has a whole lot to do with why I like them so much.

During my time of not liking Sade, I do remember that “Smooth Operator” was the exception.  I have no idea what it is about this song that just puts me in a mood to go to a bar that plays lazy bluesy jazz and drink a glass of scotch.  I feel sophisticated listening to it.  I don’t know what it made me think of as a kid.  I just know I liked the song.

The song that made me really really sit and listen and love was “The Sweetest Taboo”.  It has a lot to do with the bassline.  Whoever is on bass guitar owned this.  It makes my heart beat a little bit faster when I hear it.  I don’t know why it captures my spirit like it does.  It just does.

The one song that I could listen to over and over again is “By Your Side”.  To me this is the most beautiful songs ever created.  As I’ve admitted on rare occasions I’m a closet romantic.  This is the kind of song that you dedicate to your ‘One’.  Hearing it makes me want to be in love and have someone to dedicate it to.  And for me, this is a big deal.

They had a concert here earlier this year.  Which put them back on my radar.  Then I started hearing that song “Soldier of Love” off her newest album.  And I really had to do some serious scrambling to find her music so I could finally add it to my collection.  How I went on without it makes me wonder how many other questionable decisions I’ve made musically and otherwise.  Any lover of jazz, blues, soul or adult contemporary music who does not have Sade in their music library is a charlatan.   Yeah I said it!

I’ve come a long way from a closed minded stupid kid.  I like where I’m going and love where I’ve been.  Sade makes me feel like the sophisticated grown up that I always wanted to be, but haven’t got there yet.  They keep making music I’ll keep buying it.  And I’m sure they’ll be making it a while.  I have this running joke with my friends that Sade Adu is a vampire due to the fact that she has apparently not aged in 30 years.  Why is she still so BEAUTIFUL?!  Well vampire or not, I hope to have more of this as I get on in years.


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