Heavy D RIP


Heavy D!  The “Overweight Lover’s In the House”!  Sadly, not anymore.  He has left the building.  I didn’t find out he died til this morning when I checked my Facebook.  I can’t believe it.  He was the man.  He was a big guy and yet he was surprisingly light on his feet.  I don’t know how he did it, but it was spectacular to watch.

Heavy D and the Boyz.  That was back when hip hop was awesome.  His music was about having fun, dancing and hanging out.  No bitches.  No hoes.  No smoking me out.  No slugs to the chest.  None of that to be found with them.  Where have all the good times gone.

Anyone remember “We Got Our Own Thang”?  I do!  Mostly the video.  Just watching him get down was too cool.  And hearing him say ‘diddlydiddly­diddly dee’.  Watching the video brings back memories of Trouble T-Roy.  Well, now they can do more funky dance moves together again.

Girls the Girls they love me.  Well being about 12 I have no idea if this was true or not.  But I did like the song “Grylz They Love Me”.  I had no clue what any of this meant back then.  I have for some time and am pleased as punch that he could deliver the message without being vulgar or too graphic.  He was on to something with that.  Sad no one has learned from it.

Didn’t he kinda remind you of the Kool-aid Man on the “Now That We Found Love” video with that red suit?  If he would have snuck in an ‘OH YEAH’ somewhere that would have been epic.  Or MORE epic.  Didn’t realize that was Aaron Hall.

Dude, I remember him fondly when he did that song “Candy Rain” with Soul For Real!  It’s weird that I love the version with him in it better than with just them.  For me, he made that song that much more great.  He lasted a long time.  They didn’t.  That’s very telling.

The man was a tour de force.  He rapped and he acted.  Y’all remember when he did “A Different World” back in the day.  I don’t, so I’m gonna have to catch that show again.  I do remember he was on “Living Single” a few times.  I miss that show.  I didn’t know until the story on his death that he’s going to be in that movie “Tower Heist” that’s out.  I’m going to go see it now.

Heavy D.  A man who made great music that an 8 year old to an 80 year old could listen to.  He was fun, he was energetic, he was a class act.  He will be very very missed.  Rest in Peace, Heavy D.


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