Destination Moon

So on one of my days of trolling the music section of the library I came across Deborah Cox’s 2007 album “Destination Moon”.  I hadn’t heard anything from her in a long, long time.  The only song I remember from her was “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here” from when I was like 16/17 years old.  That was what I had in mind when I picked the cd up.  I was thinking I was gonna be treated with another nice sultry R&B experience.

I did not get that.  I was instead taken away by awesome, sultry, beautiful jazz.  I was totally blown away.  Her voice just swept me up into this cocoon of peace, calm and love that I have not yet experienced.

Not one song is original.  I knew that the minute I saw the track list.  They are all songs that have been around forever and have been done by lots people and the originals are excellent.  But I totally believe that she did the songs justice while at the same time putting her own stamp on them.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ve got no problems with remakes that are done well.

This is gonna sound stupid, but when I heard “September In The Rain” I think of an old Bugs Bunny cartoon.  I specifically remember him singing this as he and Elmer Fudd where falling to their doom.  I remember this because every time I saw that particular short I would always wonder what the heck he was singing.  Why the hell couldn’t those things have credits?  That would have saved me a lot of time and grief.

She did a beautiful job with the song.  I won’t compare hers to the Dina Washington version because it’s insulting the talent of both women.  They are both equally excellent vocalists.  I wish I could find a better live version or the album version for you to hear.  In fact I wish I could find any good videos of this album, but there doesn’t seem to be any out there.

Which is a damn shame.  This album is criminally underrated.  Every song is beautiful arranged and performed with grace and dignity.  For people who are fans of jazz, I’m telling you you will love this.  It’s a beautiful album.  If you don’t want to buy it, do what I did and go to your local library and see if it’s around.  You will not be disappointed in it.


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