Male Vocal Groups: Mint Condition Edition


What can I say about Mint Condition that no one else knows.  Not a damn thing.  We all know they’re super talented, know how to create music that makes love to your ears, that they’ve been around for quite a while and that they could blow these newbies out of the water.  For me they are right up there with New Edition and Boys 2 Men in an elite and untouchable status.

Show me someone who hasn’t heard “Breaking My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)” and I’ll show you someone either under 20 or not of this earth.  This is the song that I always come back to when I think of them.  I was 12 when this song was out.  I had pretty brown eyes.  So as far as I was concerned they were talking about me.  Well not that heart breaking part.  Come on, I was 12.

What did I really know about “Someone To Love” as a kid, as a teenager?  Nothing.  But I knew I liked this song.  Listen to their voices coming together so glorious and harmoniously.  A thing of beauty is a joy forever.  And I do enjoy it.  The music is awesome.  Especially that saxophone when it shows up.  Love that element of jazz.

“What Kind Of Man Would I Be” is a song that should be in every mans musical playlist.  Why?  I believe they should all ask themselves this question with great frequency.  Especially those that have a habit of stepping out.  Kind of like a musical moral compass if they just so happen to not have a natural one.

My new song gains my love as a full grown woman.  The song “Moan” needs to go on my list of songs I don’t need to hear before I go to sleep.  Believe it or not I am getting insanely hot just thinking about this song.  For me this song is like being kissed by the guy I like.  Very arousing.  While the nostalgic little girl in me has supreme love of all their music, this song appeals to the woman in me.

I was happy to find that E-Life cd in the library.  I hadn’t heard Mint Condition in a long ass time.  I didn’t realize how much I missed them and their influence on music.  They have somehow some way managed to keep their music fresh, but still bring the same quality of music that they’ve done in the past.  Which is so wonderful to me.

I know I complain about the groups of today and how plastic, uninspired and unoriginal I find them, but with groups like these guys still around to make the kind of music that I like and respect.  Maybe it’s time I just let it go.



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