The Supremes


Today I’m going to go way, way, WAY back into musics past.  While doing my post on Janet Jackson last week, I learned during my research that she sampled a lot of music from some of the old Motown groups.  One of the sampled groups was The Supremes.  I didn’t know this at the time any of the songs came out.  But lately I’ve been going back and really listening to some of the old school groups and now I know where a lot of the music Janet used came from.

The Supremes are awesome!  They were lucky enough to be around during a time when music was pure.  They had fantastic voices.  The songs were short, sweet and to the point.  Knowing what I know now about how Motown ran back in the day, I’m not surprised they were so successful.

I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of Diana Ross, but I can’t take away how incredibly gifted she was.  Still, in my opinion,  having the group officially named Diana Ross and The Supremes was bullshit.  Like ‘hi, I’m Diana and these are my backup singers’.  Really?  I’d be pissed personally, but what can you do.

That aside, I loved the lineup with Ms. Ross, Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard.  Watching some videos of their performances back in the day, I am totally in love with how classy they portrayed themselves.  The long long matching dresses, the perfect hair(for that time period).  They were so beautiful.  They were ladies.  I think it’s a style that should totally make a comeback.

I think the first song of them that I heard and always sort of new was ‘Baby Love’.  For the longest time those were the only words in the song I knew.  I sang them when it was time and I’d fumble through the rest.  But learning what they were saying made the song that much better.  Karaoke is finally fun now that I don’t have to read the words.

I’m not gonna post too many of their videos.  But if you get a chance check out their greatest hits album.  This stuff is back when a time when music that was not 100% great did not make it out of the recording studio.  When everyone put effort into their craft and worked tirelessly to put out a quality product.  There is not one of their songs that I don’t like.  It speaks volumes when I’d prefer to listen to them than anyone who is out right now.


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