Teena Marie

I was at work last night and once again they left the radio on an oldies station.  I love when they have the oldies on.  It makes my nights go by faster cause I can groove while I’m working.  And it might just be me, but the people appear to be more mellow when this type of music is on as opposed to the hip hop stations.

So last night I was just standing at my station, vacantly staring into space, when a Teena Marie song came on.  Good Lord I miss that woman.  She was a phenomenal talent.  I always marvel at the little ladies who have big voices.  I laugh when I hear how many people thought she was black back in the day.

So “Square Biz” is playing and I snap out of my vacant haze in preparation to rap along with her during the break down.  Her line about collard greens and hot water cornbread always, ALWAYS gave me the giggles cause I wonder what made her want to add that to the song.  What did it have to do with anything?  It just was silly, but the song is still great and I love it.

Imagine my joy when about 2 hours later I got hit with “Lover Girl”.  I wish I could sing just so I can hit the notes for when she tells us that ‘All I wanna do is, BE YOUR ONE AND ONLY LOVER’!  I don’t know how she did it, but this is my favorite part of the song.  Instead of singing with finesse like her, I just do it louder and it sounds awful.  How does she do it?  It’s…just not fair!

I was so sad when I heard that she died.  It’s like all the music from artist that I both loved and respected are just dying off.  It’s like my childhood is dying along with them.  Luckily I have her music on disc and on mp3.  So she will live on forever through the great music she left behind.  She will be missed.

For those who haven’t heard of her music I would pick up her greatest hits cd and listen to all her most popular songs.  They’re magical.  She was one of the greatest vocalists and musicians that ever lived.  I’d like to think of her in Heaven now singing duets with Rick James again.


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