Gaming top 10. 5-1

And here are again.  I’m going to continue with the list I started on the last post of my top 10 favorite game themes.  I’m sure by now with what I’ve posted so far you either think I’m pretty cool or pretty nuts.  Both are true so you’ll be right either way.

As I said last time, I am fully aware that what I have listed here would probably not register on anyone elses should they decided to do a list of their own.  So I can’t stress enough that this is MY top 10 faves and this is strictly my favorites.  And it’s my blog so I can have whatever the hell I want.  Anyway, lets get a move on shall we.

05.  Go Straight Streets of Rage is one of the greatest series of games, ever.  Period.  That is all.  Though there is much debate on which of the three games had the best music in it, I prefer SoR 2.  Mainly due to this theme.  It’s the first theme you hear at level one and it is INCREDIBLE!  It just gets you in the frame of mind for kicking some serious bad guy butt.  At least it does that for me.  Yuzo Koshiro earned his street cred with this soundtrack.  From what I heard after the release of this game, he was extended various personal invitations from clubs to come and DJ for them.  That’s hot!

04.  Corneria I love the original Star Fox.  The graphics looking back were atrocious and yet that didn’t matter.  The game was 1000% greatness.  This theme was something that I hadn’t heard in almost 10 years.  When Super Smash Bros. Brawl came out and they had this song in it, I was a kid all over again.  Listening to it gave me those nostalgic warm fuzzies.  For me the memory of me flying that plane like it was something I was born to do is a cherished one.

03.  Xavier / Ryu Yes! There are two here.  I couldn’t decide which I loved more.  The decision was too painful so they both get the three spot.  I talked about Eternal Champions a couple weeks ago.  One of the most interesting and entertaining fighting games I’ve ever played.  As I said, this game could have stood up next to Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter if it had been given the chance.  As a kid, this music and the level that goes with it kinda creeped me out.  The storyline for this particular character was profoundly disturbing, but yet he was my favorite.  And a huge part of that was the music.  I spent a lot of time playing on his level just to hear this.  Ryu from Street Fighter is just awesome and manly.  I don’t even need to talk about it, just listen to it.

02.  Super Metroid To this day I have not played a Metroid game.  Not due to lack of trying I can tell you that.  I discovered this music either last year or earlier this year when I was watching a youtube video and they had this song playing in the background and I had to find it and listen to it.  I can literally feel the epicness in this music.  This is the kind of music that great heros get to have.  How can you not be destined for greatness with theme music like this?

01.  Molgera  There will never be a gaming list made by me where Legend of Zelda will be absent.  Those who truly know me is fully aware that this is my favorite series.  And this music is my favorite from the series.  I love all the music, but this I can and have listened to on loop for hours on end and got goosebumps every single time.  To me, this is so lively and awesome and I do dance to it.  The flute is what gets me and that ‘chica chica chica chica’ that you can kinda here in the background.  I love this song so much you have no idea.

And there you have it.  My favorite bits of game music awesomeness.  How different is it from yours?  Tell me, I’d like to see it.  I’m sure it’s fascinating.


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