Gaming top 10. 10-6


Ok, so I was doing my normal Youtube cruise and decided to catch up on some videos.  As usual I ran through their various top 10 lists.  Some I had already seen.  This one I hadn’t seen.  And it got me to thinking.  What’s MY top 10?

Now watching this video, I totally do not disagree with about 60% of it.  They pretty much got the ultimate themes of video game history.  Some I never played and can make no judgement.  Some of what they got on there made me scratch my head tho.  But as Craig said, everyone’s list is going to be different.

Now I’ve done a post about some NES themes that are just epic and classic, but for this list I’m going to span all the game music that I know and list my personal favorites as of this moment in time.  In keeping with how they did their list, I’m sticking to one piece of music per franchise.  And also like them, this is damn hard to do.  Since I’m gonna talk about them I’m gonna split this into two post so it won’t be too long.  Ok, here we go.

10.  Bruno’s Theme While I’m not a Pokemon fan, I do LOVE playing Pokemon Puzzle League.  It’s Tetris with cuddly animal things.  You don’t get to hear this theme til almost the end of the line.  Depending on what mode you’re in he’s the last boss or second to last.  It gets me so pumped.  Though I hate it when it gets into panic mode and speeds up, then I start getting angry.  It’s not a pretty sight.

09.  Jungle Theme I know I’ve mentioned before that I love this theme.  So here it is again for those who didn’t know or forgot.  This is a nostalgic piece for me.  I remember the first time I played Contra.  Falling out of the sky and going freaking commando on the enemies as best as possible with that crappy bubble shooter the game starts you with.  Then you get hit with that magic S and awarded with that spreader gun and you know things are about to get real.  Good times!

08.  All Star Intro I love this music.  Listen to it and tell me you don’t feel instantly soothed and relaxed.  I need to find a way to make it loop for about five or so minutes and I’ll have the perfect meditation tune.  For the time being I have to loop it the old fashion way.

07.  Aquatic Ruin Zone Come on!  How could you NOT expect to see at least one Sonic the Hedgehog theme?  I love Sonic 2.   Sonic 1 was ok, but Sonic 2 was the deal for me.  This level and it’s music was a big part of that.  All the music on this game if fantastic.  But once I learned how to skip levels I always came here.  I just love this part.  I played it over and over just to hear the music.  Even now, I think I can play this level with my eyes shut.

06.  K.K. Cruisin  I don’t understand what this character is trying to say.  And quite frankly I don’t give a damn.  This is just too awesome.  If it’s that serious I’ll make up some lyrics if the gibberish bugs you that much.  I can play this on guitar.  Not fluently or well, but I can get the notes.  I have this on my ipod.  Damn straight I do and I groove to it frequently.

Freaked out yet?  Or maybe confuse?  Or even outraged?  Awesome!  The top five will really make you scratch your head.  Or headbutt something.  Let me know what you think.  What’s your top 10?  Think you can guess my top five?  We’ll see! That’s for Thursday.  See you then.


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