Cowboy Bebop live


Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts! I’d like to take this moment to say…YOU ROCK! Seriously I really love your stuff.  Most notibly the music for Cowboy Bebop.  As I type this I’m listening to the live album.

What can I say, I like music that is well done.  That this happens to be music from a Japanese anime makes no difference at all.  I love the jazz/bluesy style that she approached this soundtrack with.  Not much lyrics, just all instrumentals.  It’s heavenly.

There isn’t an anime fan around that does not know “Tank”.  It’s one of the few anime that I’ve watched that the intro song does not have lyrics in it.  It says one line at the very beginning, but other than that it’s all music.  As much as I love the intro songs to every anime I’ve seen, that this is purely music is very refreshing.  There is a version of the song with lyrics sang by Ed, but it’s not official so therefore doesn’t count.

The only song I know is “Real Folk Blues”.  I always liked this song when I heard it, but the last episode is what made me love it.  The finale to Cowboy Bebpop was intense and exciting and sad.  When they played this song over that imagery and at a lower octave that gave it a morose feel, it touched me in all the right places.  Watch the show, you’ll see what I mean and you will definitely remember it.

The live album gave me supreme love for “What Planet Is This”.  I don’t remember what episode it was in cause I haven’t watched it in a long time, but sweet Lord this song is so kickass.  At least this live rendition of it is.  I especially love the drum solo about two minutes in.  It makes me want to dance.  It makes me happy.  It compels me to listen to it more than twice.  The music is just perfect.  I wish I knew about it in high school.  My high school band would have owned it.  My hsb rocked, but it’s ok if you didn’t know that.

I have an entire music compilation of this show, but I haven’t sat down and listened to it all yet.  I got this live version and have been stuck ever since.  Which is real unusual for me cause I tend to stay away from live performances.  But this is just too good.  Maybe because there isn’t any singing.  I’m not sure.


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