Maroon 5


What can I say?  I love Maroon 5.  They’ve won my fandom fair and square and deserve my adoration.  Their music is fantastic and they are a legitimate band.  Which is something that I respect immensely. And Adam Levine is one delicious looking white boy.  He’s so freaking hot, I almost can’t stand it.  How can he stand it?

When they came out with “Songs About Jane” I was hooked from the word go.  And it has everything to do with that funky guitar riff track on the song “Harder To Breath”.  Do I have to remind you of the sexiness that I find guitars to be?  The lyrics were secondary.  Having never been in a long-term relationship it wasn’t something that I could relate to.  But that does not diminish the sheer concentrated excellence of the song.

My song from there is “Sunday Morning”.  If I could set it up so my alarm clock played this on any morning, my day would start off right.  It’s such a beautiful song.  Sometimes when I listen to it, it makes me smile.  Other times I’ll listen to it and cry.  The mark of a great tune is that it puts your emotions through the wringer.  What girl wouldn’t want to be serenaded with this song?  Answer: dead ones.  It also is one of those songs that keeps my longing to learn to play the piano alive.

When “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long” came along I already knew I was gonna get it and I hadn’t heard a song yet.  Then I heard “Wake Up Call” and I had two thoughts. Number One, the song was freaking awesome.  Number Two, I hope this song was not conceptualized by a personal experience.  If so, I want to look into the face of the idiot woman who cheated on Adam.  If you’re gonna cheat on someone like him, he’s got to be a serious upgrade.  And I don’t see how that’s possible.  The whole album is awesome.

So I finally got around to listening to that song “Moves Like Jagger” and I’m not kidding when I tell you I watched that video almost a whole day.  A shirtless Adam sliding around and gyrating like Mick Jagger, but infinitely better looking mesmerized my freaking face.  When he got around to the line “Look into my eyes and I’ll own you”, I could only think to myself, I wish you would!  I haven’t heard all the songs on the “Hands All Over” album but what I’ve heard so far, it’s on my wish list to buy at some point.

I had seen some vicious internet rumor that they were going to be disbanding and moving on with their lives.  I’d like to take this moment to say that who ever started that rumor is an asshole.  I nearly had a panic attack.  The world needs Maroon 5.  They are awesome and I’m not ready for the next band to come along and bite their style.  And a world were I can’t stare at Adam Levine’s divine visage depresses me.


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