So I’m at work and I see the cover of the Nirvana album on CNN.  I couldn’t hear why they were talking about it, but I did think it was odd.  Now I know why it was there.  Nirvana is 20.  It’s pretty darn awesome considering they’ve been gone since 1994.

When I first heard Nirvana back in 1991 I was in one of my middle schools in FL.  Being one of the few black people in the entire school it’s safe to assume that I hung out with the white kids.  Not just any white kids though.  I hung out with the stoners.  I rocked the ripped jeans, Doc Martens, and flannel shirts and I gotta say it was one of the most memorable and awesome times in my life.

Everyone knows about “Nevermind”.  It’s one of the greatest records of all time.  Everyone also knows about the song “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.  It came along at exactly the time it needed to.  It captured everyone’s imagination.  It defined an era.  The way they played with volume control in both the lyrics and the music was a sight to behold.  I still remember the sight of Kurt Cobain smashing that guitar at the end of the video.  Even now, that image is epic.

The only other song from the album that I can remember was “Come As You Are”.  And if I have to be 100% honest, I remember the music.  I never knew the lyrics so I don’t know what the song is about.  I just remember that instrumental wise, it was genius.  I have the record, but for some reason didn’t put it on my ipod.  And it won’t get there til I get it out of storage.

Now through the power of the internet, I have learned that they had 3 albums altogether.  “Nevermind” was the second one and the only one that I ever knew.  And considering that I have fond nostalgic memories of my time with this album as  a kid, I think I’m gonna leave it that way.  Listening to new music would only fill me with regret that I didn’t get to experience it fresh.


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