Eternal Champions

Oh my God! Did I ever have a nostalgic moment.  Looking through some of my music files on youtube and came across some music from one of the greatest games that nobody really played.  Eternal Champions came out in 1993 for the Sega Genesis.  Fantastic game!  Really could have stood up with the other fighters like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat if it had stayed around.

I love the soundtrack to this game.  It’s 16 bit music at it’s absolute greatest.  Listen to the “Character Bios” music.  Those who have never played this game before but happen to listen to rap will recognize this music immediately.  If you can’t I’ll only tell you that you’ve missed out.  Happy hunting though!  Oh and for the record for when you do figure it out, the game came first.

Each character had their own stage and theme to go with it.  Each was unique, stylish, catchy and has endeared themselves to us nostalgic game hounds that remember it from when we were young.  Had such fun playing this with my little brother.  Good times!


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