All the cool kids have theme music

We have all at some point in our lives wanted to be someone else or someone fictional.  Admit it, it’s ok.  When I was really little I was a spoiled brat and therefore wanted to grow up to be a princess.  This of course evolved as I grew older.  At one point I wanted to be MacGyver.  Mullet and all, despite the fact that I am a girl.  He was just too cool and he was smart and he could do anything.

There are just certain tunes that you hear and you just automatically think of the person it was made for.  As a great movie quote once stated ‘Theme music! Every good hero should have one.’  And truer words have never been spoken.  I play the MacGyver music n my head whenever I’m trying to fix or jerry-rig something.  Here are some of the ones I wish I was cool enough to have for myself.

“007”  ‘My name is Bond.  James Bond.’  I’ll admit at some point I wanted to be this guy too.  Much like MacGyver, he was just too cool to be real.  Smooth, smart, super suave, he was in my opinion the perfect human being, except for the tiny flaw that he was a total whore.  Yeah, I said it!

“Shaft”  Thank you Mr. Isaac Hayes for creating this masterpiece of theme music.  The Shaft theme music transcends time and space.  Listening to it now, it is totally dated, yet this does not diminish its epicness not on iota.  I don’t know what instrument is being used to get that funky little rifftrack, but it’s what makes the song for me.

“The Imperial March”  Darth Vader, you are my other father.  You know it to be true!  The first time I saw Star Wars and Vader came on-screen all in black and swirling cape, it was instant love.  He was just so bad ass and cool I could hardly stand it.  He commanded the screen and being voiced by James Earl Jones didn’t hurt.  Even now after George Lucas worked so hard to ruin him, he is still my favorite character from the movies.  If I ever get married, I want this played when I come down the aisle.  I’m nontraditional, so what?

“Rocky”  I admit, even though I’ve seen a movie or two I don’t really remember too much about them.  The only thing I remember is that Rocky wins in the end.  And with this as his theme music how could he not?  It’s just too awesome.  I listen to this when I’m on the elliptical at the gym.  Totally gets the adrenaline up.

“Indiana Jones”  The man! The legend!  And we share the same last name.  Indiana Jones is one of my favorite movies ever.  These movies totally capture what I believe adventure is all about.  If I was even 1% of the person he was I would be 95% improved upon.  He’s the ultimate hero and he has the ultimate theme music.

Looking at this bunch, I’m actually very surprised at myself.  Why are all of these kick ass themes that I love so much dedicated to men?  How on earth is that possible?  I’m gonna have to do some searching.  There has to be some woman character out there that has theme music that rocks.  And for the life of me, as I write this I can’t think of any.  Help me out people!


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