Blast from the past in cartoon form Part 1

On nights when I’m really bored, I’ll lay in my bed and scour youtube for music or some sort of entertainment.  One this past Monday I was flipping through trying to find something on the new Thundercats, when I decided to click on the old school theme and was instantly blasted to the past.

Some of the theme music from shows I used to watch were beyond awesome.  I went through and listened to a bunch and got chills down my spine from the nostalgic memories it gave me.  So I thought about it and tried to come up with a bunch of shows that even now I would sit back and just listen to.

I was going to do this in a list format.  I was only going to do my top 10 favorite but that’s just too stupid on my part.  There are too damn many that I just absolutely love and ten is just too low.  So I’m going to do five for now and do others in separate posts.  After watching hours upon hours of videos, digging up and being reminded of shows that I haven’t thought about in a long time and reminiscing about stuff I do remember here is what I want to talk about today.

“Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego” While these days I’m ok with educational programing, as a kid coming up I preferred to keep my learning and entertainment separate.  This show almost got me.  The theme song sung by Rockapella was just too damn catchy to ignore.  Not enough to keep me watching the show but it’s still awesome.

“The Pink Panther” This show was simplicity at its finest and the theme is no exception.  Even without the show the music can stand up perfectly well on its own.  I just love that jazzy saxophone and that bass line.  I FEEL cool just listening to it.

“Ghostbusters” For years, I thought I had conjured this up from my imagination.  I could find no proof whatsoever that this show existed until the internet.  And finally, validation and proof that I wasn’t completely insane.  Why do I love this…there’s a gorilla wearing cargo shorts and a robot ghost.  Someone was on something and I’m glad to know it wasn’t me.

“Scooby Doo” This show has too many damn theme songs!  However since this is the one I grew up with and impacted me the most this is the one I’m going with.  I will discuss ‘Pup’ another time.  Scooby takes me back to my spoiled days when I was 3 and queen of all around me.  It was during this era I could demand Cheetos, grape soda and Hostess cakes and have them given to me without much fuss.  Well, at least when my grandparents were around there wasn’t much fuss.  Mom was a different animal altogether.  Good times.

“Jem” If you didn’t think this would show up sooner or later, then shame on you.  I LOVED this song.  I could listen to this all day long and not get sick of it.  The first version of it is iconic on its own, but the other one just creates magic for me and I remember what life was like when I was nine.  Just epic.

Before I started this post I didn’t think there’d be as many themes to talk about, but thank goodness tv shows knew how to draw me in.  To be continued…


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