Freak n me

I woke up in the middle of the night with my headphone cord wrapped around my neck.  Yes people, I do sleep with my headphones on.  I’ve made it clear that need music playing around me constantly.  Anyway after untangling myself and ensuring that I wouldn’t strangle myself in my sleep, I attempted to slip back into unconsciousness.

The song that was playing was Dru Hill ‘Tell Me’.  Now if you are me this is not a song to fall asleep to because songs like this tend to set the stage for whatever I dream about.  However the song is just so freaking great, I just continue to listen to it as I drift back to sleep.  And then the freak fest in my mind begins.  And no, I’m not about to tell you what I dream about!

That isn’t the only song puts me in the mood for the slow groove.  There are hundreds of songs that have the power to put me in the mood.  Joe’s song ‘The Love Scene’ paints the image of a night of love so bold and colorful that even the most inexperienced person in this area can totally picture in their mind what it would be like.  I can only listen to this song when my mind is occupied.  I’ve convinced myself it’s safer this way.  That one and Changing Faces ‘Stroke You Up’.  This one conjures up memories if I don’t pay attention.  Both good and bad.

Another dangerous one is an oldie but goodie.  The Isley Brothers ‘Between The Sheets’ is straight up classic ‘we’re about to get down now’ song.  It’s not so much the lyrics, but they do help, so much as it is the music.  The music by itself has this awesome sensual allure to it that it’s hard not to want to grab a guy and tell him, ‘You are coming with me’.  The same can be said for the remix to R. Kelly’s ‘Bump and Grind’.  Say what you will about that man, but he knows how to make good music.  He was ahead of the curve with that one.

One of my new ones is Rihanna’s ‘Skin’.  I think in the 2 months since I’ve put this on my ipod I’ve listened to it more than any other song I have.  And I have thousands!  I had it on loop for 3 days straight.  That is how into it I was.  I can’t get over the song.  It blows the hinges off doors with its magnificence.  And if I had a S/O this song would be my sounding board.  The music is awesome. The lyrics paint a very vivid, very clear picture so there is no way you miss the point of it.  I also share this sentiment about Urban Mystics ‘In The Morning’.  I mean, if it happened, wouldn’t that be fun?

If I had to look through my playlist (what a list!), and pick a song that I love above all others…it’d be very hard.  But at the top of the list would be Patra’s ‘Scent of Attraction’ featuring Aaron Hall and LSG ‘My Body’.  For the first song, I don’t know if it’s her accent, if it’s him, if it’s the music, the lyrics or what.  All I know is I remember when it first came out when I was 16 and I loved the song.  I was crushing hard on a boy 2 years older than me at the time and this song made me think of him.  I hadn’t heard it for almost 12 years and then the radio station I listened to played it and nothing else mattered after that moment except for me getting that song for my own.  It is that powerful.

LSG is a group form in which it takes the last names of it’s members Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat and Johnny Gill.  I don’t remember how I came across this song.  And it doesn’t matter!  I just know that I was coco nuts about Johnny Gill and whatever he did was gold.  My love of this song is most definitely the lyrics.  I wish Johnny would say them to me.

I guess I like these songs because they can appeal to a side of me that doesn’t get to see daylight very often.  It makes my imagination soar as well as get me to think about past experiences.  From Ginuwine asking how to get ‘In Those Jeans’ to H-Towns ‘Knockin’ Da Boots’, I guess my love and fascination with said subject matter is due to the fact that this other side would like some attention now please.  And one day when I find someone and the mood strikes, I’ll take my cues from SWV and just ask ‘Can We’?


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