Looooooove is a many splendid thing…Did I mentioned that I loved musicals?  No!  Well yes, yes I do and as a kid who grew up in the 80s it should come as a surprise to no one that as a lover of musicals I loved Grease.  Everything about it, the settings, the costumes, a young John Travolta.  I know the movie word for word.  Ask my family, they’ll tell ya.  I remember when I was about 9 or 10 living in Florida and I had a babysitter named Jessica.  She always brought her vhs copy of Grease with her when she came to sit for us.  We in turn let her watch our copy of Pete’s Dragon which she loved.  Bartering at it’s finest folks.

I won’t go into the story.  We all know it.  Yes it was kind of cheesy and hokey but sweet Lord, that’s what makes it so charming and how it stood the test of time.  It’s a classic.  The music and songs were a huge part of that.  And young John Travolta.  I defy anyone to tell me that when they hear ‘You’re the One That I Want’ or ‘Summer Nights’  they don’t sing along.  They even play these songs on the radio sometimes.  That’s how great these songs are.  My personal favorite songs are ‘Beauty School Dropout’.  And why not, it was sang by Frankie Avalon!  He’s freakin’ awesome.  And ‘Grease Lightening’  That song kicks all of your asses.  It is made of 100% pure greatness.  The music from Sha Na Na that plays during the dance scene is dated, but still fantastic.  I will probably try to Hand Jive right now if I heard the song.

I’m not too sure about the stage musical.  I haven’t had the opportunity to see it yet.  I know that this was a play before it was a movie, but it would still be nice to see how it translated from live theater to silver screen.  In my research I’ve read that back in the 70s the play had the part of Danny played by Richard Gere, isn’t that crazy.  For a time I had wondered if John Travolta could actually sing, but I found out that he was in the play at some point too, so the answer is yes. Yes he can.

Writing this post has made me think about this film and I acknowledge that I haven’t seen it in about a  year. Also that I need to rebuy the soundtrack cause I have no idea where my copy is and it upsets me. I know it’s probably strange to want to constantly watch the same movie over and over, but this truly was a great film.  It had everything, great story, fantastic songs, and a young John Travolta.  It just wins.  I mean, who can listen to the opening song ‘Grease’ and not be sold for the next 90 minutes?  See ya!


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