Sounds like Girl Power

I was watching a hilarious parody video of Beyonces ‘Run the World(Girls)’ and it occurred to me watching it that I hadn’t heard the actual song.  So thanks to the power of Youtube I watched it and it got me all fired up! It also got me thinking about girl power.  Mostly songs that inspire it.  I’m a woman and I’ve got a lot of things to offer the world and lots of things I want to do.  I am proud of the fact that I am educated and capable of doing those things.  I know what I want and I see no reason whatsoever why I can’t have it.  And no,  I do not want to tear down men in the process because I don’t.  We all have a place in this world.  We all have things we can contribute.  At least that’s what I believe.  Still, I love to hear now and then a song that empowers us as a gender.

That’s pretty much all I got to say about that.  One of my totally unexpected random thoughts.  All I’m gonna do today is just list some songs that I think define what girl power is all about.  The operative words being I think.  It’s personal to me and probably won’t be the same as yours or anyone else.  Which is fine.  You got a list of your own, let me know I’d love to see it.  I’m only doing ten for now.  I may revisit this topic at a later date.  In no particular order:

10.  Destinys Child ‘Independent Women’

9.    Britney Spears ‘Stronger’

8.    Christina Aguilera ‘Fighter’

7.    Helen Reddy ‘I Am Woman’

6.    TLC ‘Depend On Myself’

5.    Janet Jackson ‘Control’

4.   Gloria Gaynor ‘I will Survive’

3.   Mary J Blige ‘Not Gon Cry’

2.   Destinys Child ‘Survivor’

1.   Aretha Franklin ‘Respect’

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