Lady Gaga created a Monster

Yes.  I admit it.  I am a Lady Gaga fan now.  And before you roll your eyes I have to say in my defense that it took her 3 albums to convert me.  I tried people.  I really did try to dismiss this woman as a gimmicky fluff diva whose music had no substance.  And who knows maybe she is, but she did not disappear quickly enough for me to continue to ignore.  But why?  How?  Sure her style is different.  Very different than who is out right now.  Which in and of itself is refreshing.  Nope.  For me it’s strictly the music she makes.  Let’s explore my descent into monster madness.

When she first appeared with Just Dance off ‘The Fame’ album back in 2008 the radio station I listened to played the song constantly.  So much so that I got sick of it.  It was a catchy song you could dance to, but I didn’t think it was that great.  Then Poker Face surfaced and it was everywhere.  Everywhere!  Every direction I turned someone was belting out ‘Po po po poker face my my poker face’! I could not get away from it.  Then the parodies on youtube and other places started and I thought, ‘great, she has arrived.’  But admittedly I did like the song.  And while I was still reluctant to call myself a fan, the third single  Paparazzi started getting heavy rotation and I could not get enough of this song.  I still don’t know if it was the music, the lyrics or what but I grooved to this song constantly.  I still listen to that song heavily now and I am in no way sick of it.  And if you ask me, the best song didn’t make it to the radio.  Guess which one it is!

Gaga got even stronger in 2009 with the release of the ‘Fame Monster’ album and one of my favorite songs Bad Romance.  I was elated every time this song came on.  The video was so strange and weird it made me love the song more.  And then it happened.  Her acceptance into mainstream pop music from this moment forward was carved in stone with the collaboration of the song Telephone with Beyoncé.  Well played momma monster. Well played.

Thanks to my local library and their music catalog I got in my possession all of her albums in the past 4 days.  I’m still trying to get to her third one Born This Way.  This is also the name of the first single and it’s the only one I know.  But it does kick ass.  I still haven’t gotten past Fame Monster.  The song Speechless give me the chills.  I think it’s such a beautiful song.  I have listened to the song So Happy I Could Die about 87 times since I got it.  My favorite is song period is Monster.  It’s this strange mix of 80’s music and 90’s style and it’s great.  Listen to it and tell me it doesn’t make you think of brightly colored layered clothing, big teased hair, Tiger Beat magazine or Debbie Gibson.  I can’t get past it.  It’s newly owned, give me a break.

This ladies and gentlemen is how you create a fan.  I equate how this woman obtained my fandom to an being taken over by the Borg.  No matter how much you fight it, how much you struggle, how far you run, you will eventually submit.  You will submit, you will be assimilated and in time you will learn to accept your complete domination.  Whether you like this womans music or not is still up to each individual.  But in my opinion everyone should at least respect what she has done…is doing.  The fact that she writes her own music, plays the piano, can actually sing, is vastly individual from everyone else who is out right now.  To not show respect is just being a hater for hate sake.  Me, I love her.  In that she has achieved what I swore back in 2008 was impossible.  Congratulations Lady Gaga.  You created a monster.


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