Legend of gaming: Themes from the NES

I love video games.  You’ll hear me say that a lot here.  I’m pretty sure that Ms. Pacman on the Atari was the first game I ever played.  But I don’t remember much about that.  What I do remember was the first Nintendo console.  My life was forever altered with the purchase of that system.  I went from a kid that watched tv or read all day to one that ate, slept, lived, breathed and bled video games.

I know everyone salivated over these games for the sheer awesomeness of the gameplay.  So was I, but what also got to me was the kick ass music.  Listen to the little ditty from the first Super Mario Bros.  What person on planet earth under 60 does not know this theme?  It’s one of the most recognizable themes in history.  It’s timeless.  Classic.  The beginning.  I had no idea that music in games could be good.  No idea that it could and would get better.

Now though I loved this music from everyone’s favorite plumber, my love of gaming music was solidified with the first Legend of Zelda.  Oh yeah, that game changed everything.  I love this theme.  Now I may be biased as it is my favorite series, but there it is.  This theme has been mixed, remixed, altered, lengthend so many times and every time it gets even more epic.  That is the key to the music of the series.  The word ‘epic’.  Hearing that music I just knew I was going to be blown away by an awesome adventure.  The Ancient Heros remix in particular gives me the absolute chills.  The guy who did it totally understood the series and its unwavering epicness and with this mix nailed it.

Only way to listen to these great tunes back then was to play the game.  Now and thank God for this, there are soundtracks and youtube.  I can listen to any theme I want for as long as I want.  Now I get to hear music from games I didn’t get to hear as a kid.  In particular the themes from Castlevania, like Vampire Killer.  Though I didn’t play the original Castlevania, the first time I heard this theme is when Konami remixed and reused it for Dawn of Sorrow.  After going back and listening to as many soundtracks as I can find, I see that Konami has done this often in the Castlevania series.  Various different themes are almost staples and they reuse them time and time again.  And I have no problem with this because the music kicks so much ass.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I have tons of gaming soundtracks that I’ve actually spent money on and have to this day.  How can I not.  The ones I’ve spoken of here alone are enough to realize that game music is just as great as any other kind of music.  It just gets better and better.  With upgrades to technology happening almost every five minutes, musical theme from games can only improve.  Over time I hope that I won’t be alone in professing my love of that Jungle theme from Contra.


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